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FENFAST 375 is Proudly Manufactured in USA
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Welcome to the official site of FENFAST 375

FENFAST 375 has been helping people achieve their weight loss goals for over 10 years! With its trusted formula that is simple to add to most diets and Intechra Health's commitment to exceptional quality products and customer service, we say THANK YOU to the THOUSANDS OF "FENFASTERS" who choose FENFAST 375 as their diet aid option.*

FENFAST® 375 Diet Pills Support to Help You Get the Slimmer Body You Desire!*


FENFAST 375 is proudly manufactured in the USA from domestic and imported ingredients. Our GMP certified manufacturer ensures the highest quality, white and blue speck tablets for our customers. FENFAST 375 Weight Management Support diet pills may provide:

  • Powerful Energy Boosters for a More Active Lifestyle*
  • Extreme Focus Enhancers to Keep You on Track*
  • Industry-Leading Weight Management Support*
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FENFAST® 375 - our top selling diet pill for over 10 years!.

  • Diet Support Formula*
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  • Easy to Add Daily to Most Diets*
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FENFAST 375 Leading Diet Support Ingredients*

When combined with a healthier diet and more physical activity, FENFAST 375 diet pills can help dieters to take the steps toward dramatically reducing their weight and excess body fat while promoting a much more healthy lifestyle.*

The FENFAST 375 formula contains ingredients that may aid in supporting metabolism, that can result in more fat and calories burned, even when you are at rest. Furthermore, these ingredients may help to reduce appetite, which may help sticking to a healthy, reduced calorie diet easier without having to suffer the dreaded “starvation” feeling that is common with dieting.*

FENFAST diet pills also include industry-leading energy enhancers. These help to support energy throughout an active day, as well as keeping focus and motivation going through your commitment to losing weight and getting healthier.*

FENFAST 375 is manufactured in the United States with imported and domestic ingredients, all tested for purity and quality. The active ingredients in FENFAST 375 tablets include: L-Phenylalanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Theanine and Theobromine.*


You know what you want when you shop at FENFAST.COM and so do we. You want to make changes to improve your health and are looking for the best diet pills to support your efforts. You are also looking for a trusted product and US based company that offers exceptional customer service. We understand and value our customers goals and money, which is why Intechra Health has been one of the top-selling diet supplement companies for over 10 years!


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