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FENFAST 375 Ingredients

Like all Intechra Health products, FENFAST 375 is manufactured in a certified facility in the United States. Prior to manufacturing, each FENFAST 375 ingredient is tested and confirmed for quality and purity in its raw form. This important testing ensures that the ingredients that go into FENFAST 375 are unadulterated and conform to industry standards for quality and safety.*

The ingredients in FENFAST are selected for their individual potential abilities to promote a healthier weight, enhance energy, and improve mental acuity. Based on customer feedback, this product works well for many, but is not a good choice for some. Fortunately, with Intechra Health’s 30-day moneyback guarantee our customers can try the product without risk to their wallets.*

FENFAST 375 contains only a few, choice ingredients. Why so few? We believe in keeping our formulas “lean and clean”, focusing on ingredient quality and quantity instead of filling our products with ingredients that don’t work or in amounts that are ineffective. FENFAST 375 white & blue speck tablets contain:



The first active ingredient listed in FENFAST 375 proprietary formulation is L-Phenylalanine. This substance is sometimes seen in the highest quality diet pills because of the many potential benefits that it has for supporting weight management. When taken in the appropriate amount, this ingredient may be very helpful.*

L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is used for a number of purposes by the human body. Scientists have been very curious about the various advantages that this substance has to offer and the different applications that it can have. A great deal of the research has been performed on L-Phenylalanine, particularly in recent years, that has been directed toward the impact that it may have on weight management.*

Discover the Potential Benefits of L-Phenylalanine*

  1. It is used by the body to make chemical messengers responsible for energy regulation and intake.*
    This is especially important for dieters, as certain chemical messengers, such as dopamine, have been shown to enhance concentration and motivation.*
  2. By helping to boost the body’s energy levels, you can burn through more calories every day through exercise.*


The next active ingredient in the FENFAST formula is caffeine. This is a well known and highly studied, synthesized stimulant which is commonly known for its ability to support metabolism. When the metabolism achieves a higher performance, it means that the body is better able to burn through calories and fats, which can make weight loss easier for a dieter – particularly when combined with proper eating and exercise.*

Fact About Caffeine
Not all caffeine is created equal. There is natural caffeine like that found in coffee, and synthetic caffeine, also known as caffeine anhydrous. FENFAST 375 includes a synthetic caffeine, commonly used in diet pills and energy products because it contains a higher concentration of caffeine and is absorbed easier by the body.*

In addition to supporting metabolism, caffeine may also function as an appetite suppressant. This is very handy for assisting in eating a smaller amount of food, which can help to promote weight management. The formula functions very well in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet plan.*

Finally, where would many of us be without the energy boost and focus enhancement caffeine is know for. This ingredient may help to keep you focused and energized throughout the day so you can keep moving toward your goals.*


The next ingredient in the proprietary FENFAST formulation is Theobromine. Theobromine is an alkaloid extracted from the cacao plant, which is the same source used for producing chocolate. It is also found in other natural food sources such as in tea leaves.*

Theobromine is included in FENFAST 375’s weight loss support formula for its potential supportive benefits when combined with caffeine. In addition to possibly boosting energy levels and reducing appetite, theobromine may help to enhance the stimulant effects of caffeine.*


Finally, the FENFAST 375 formula would not be complete without the addition of L-Theanine. Commonly used in dietary supplements worldwide, L-Theanine is commonly used for reducing stress and anxiety. An ingredient that helps people to feel more relaxed while dieting is important.*