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Mood-Boosting Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

mood boosting foods for weight lossMood-boosting foods can be a terrific way to keep your emotions and weight loss motivation in a good place. That’s right, the foods you eat can actually have a positive (or negative) impact on whether or not you feel happy. Therefore, it’s worth your while to choose the options that will help support your happiness.

After all, the right mood-boosting foods can help you to keep up with your day. They can also help you to cope with whatever life throws in your direction. Overall, they can make you feel better. There’s a reason experts call the stomach a “second brain”! (more…)

Force Yourself to Exercise When You Want to Veg

Force Yourself to Exercise When UnmovitatedDo you wish you could just force yourself to exercise and get it over with? There are times when all you want to do is veg out and forget about your workout. If that should happen once in a blue moon, that won’t hurt anything. However, if it happens regularly, it can be harmful to your fitness. It can also negatively impact your weight management.

That being the case, how do you force yourself to exercise? What is the secret to getting up and moving around when the couch and TV are calling? (more…)

Do You Get Sugar Cravings from Your Workout?

Do You Get Sugar Cravings from Your WorkoutIt isn’t abnormal to experience sugar cravings from your workout. In fact, if you do, you’re in the majority. However, when you’re exercising as a part of weight management, these cravings can be the last thing you need. After all, what good will that workout be if all you do is follow it up with a doughnut?

Fortunately, getting sugar cravings from your workout doesn’t mean all is lost. There is some fantastic science to explain why it happens. Moreover, there’s also a lot of science to show you how to recover from it. You don’t need to reach for a desert every time you exercise. However, you can still grab a post workout treat! (more…)

Clever Fat Burning Food Combinations to Boost the Burn

Smart Fat Burning Food CombinationsUsing the right fat burning food combinations can help you to bring your weight loss to the next level. If you feel like you’re already eating right and exercising regularly, but you need better results, this could be the key.

Some fat burning food combinations simply work. They’re ingredients that taste fantastic together and that your body turns into fat blasting fuel. Of course, you don’t’ have to take our word for it. There’s science to stand behind it.

This includes a study published in the Nutrition Journal. It showed that a dish with well selected fat burning food combinations can bring your diet to the level you wish you’d been reaching all along. (more…)

10 Tips to Lose the Muffin Top (Some are Instant!)

Tips to Lose the Muffin TopReady to lose the muffin top? Good news! There are lots of things you can do to smooth your shape. In fact, some of them can give you instant results! Others can help you to slim down over time.

That way, you can lose the muffin top look today, and improve your body for months and years to come. Not a bad deal, right? Here are some tips to help you get the shape you want.

10 Effective Tips to Lose the Muffin Top

Lose the Muffin Top Instantly

1. Lose the low rise.

if you’re wearing low rise pants, you’re working against yourself Even mid-rise can ruin the shape of your midsection. Go for higher waisted pants, instead. Choose a level that is comfortable but that is higher than the area that would roll over the top of your waist. (more…)

This is What to Eat for Weight Loss

What to Eat for Weight Loss ResultsIt’s time to sit down and decide what to eat for weight loss. You’ve chosen your calorie limit, carb restriction, workout routine or other fat busting strategy. However, until you know what to put on your plate, you’ll only hold yourself back.

After all, foods, carbs, fats and even calories are not all created equal. Choosing the right foods can cause your body to function in different ways. When your goal is a lower number on the bathroom scale, you need to think in terms of fat burning.

Here’s What to Eat for Weight Loss

The following are some of the best foods you can eat to get your weight under control. (more…)

How Many Calories are in a Pound of Fat?

How Many Calories are in a Pound of FatKnowing how many calories are in a pound of fat can help bring context to your eating habits. There are hundreds of different dieting strategies out there. Still, when it all comes down to it, there is something to understanding your food’s calorie content. After all, when you know how your foods are processed by your body, you can make informed choices.

By getting to know how many calories are in a pound, you can make educated decisions. You’ll understand the impact your workouts have on your weight loss. That said, it’s important to remember that not all calories are created equal. Therefore, any diet that counts them all the same way may not bring you the results you want.

How Many Calories are in a Pound

When it all comes down to it, about 3,500 calories comes to about one pound of body fat. Therefore, if all things were created equal, you would need to burn 3,500 calories in order to be able to weigh 1 pound less on the bathroom scale.

This is the reasoning behind diets that tell you to reduce your usual diet by 500 calories per day, then you should be able to lose one pound in a week. That said, it’s not quite as simple as that. Indeed, the math appears to work out if the only thing worth considering was calories. However, that’s not the case. After all, when you lose weight, it’s not usually just body fat. Instead, it is a combination of body fat, lean tissue (such as muscle) and water. (more…)

4 Advantages of Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss AdvantagesGetting started with medically supervised weight loss comes with a range of benefits. After all, healthy fat reduction isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like. We’d like to be able to be healthy but live our lives in an enjoyable way, too.

However, trying to figure this out on your own comes with many challenges. After all, the internet is swimming with myths and false advice. Knowing what comprises a “healthy” lifestyle also isn’t always clear.

The following are some of the top reasons getting the right help will improve your results.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Advantage #1: Customization

When you’re following a medically supervised program, a doctor or other licensed health care provider will help you. A part of this is to evaluate your current physical condition. Moreover, you will be guided regarding the types of foods you should be eating each day. Your physician will assess your fitness level and guide you regarding exercises you can try. (more…)

How to Stop Setting Yourself Up for Weight Loss Failure

Stop Weight Loss FailureWeight loss failure can be a much bigger problem than it seems. There is, of course, the obvious issue associated with it. After all, it means that you didn’t reach your goal. However, it can go much deeper than that.

The Deeper Pain of Weight Loss Failure

When you suffer a weight loss failure – especially if it was a genuine let-down – it can be damaging to your motivation. Motivation is the key to any successful weight loss strategy. When it’s harmed, it can lead to further setbacks. In fact, it causes some people to give up entirely. (more…)

How to Make Anything You Want Yours According to Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington's Make Anything You Want Yours StepsDo you want the secret to make anything you want yours? Of course, you do. We all do! While nobody has the complete answer, one man can bring you pretty close: Denzel Washington.

The man is a legend for his performances but also for inspiring others. He has won three Golden Globes, two Oscars and is worth an estimated $150 million. Furthermore, his attitude can help you make anything you want yours.

Make Anything You Want Yours: The Real Deal

It would be easy to roll your eyes and wonder what Denzel Washington knows about struggle. After all, he’s got it all. He’s attractive, wealthy, talented and successful. How could he know what the rest of us go through? How could he help you make anything you want yours when the world has been a gift to him? (more…)