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Why You Should Never Use DNP to Lose Weight

warning for DNP to lose weightDespite the frightening dangers involved, a growing number of people are once again starting to use DNP (a chemical used as a pesticide) to lose weight. This is possibly due to the amount of time since the last scary headlines involving 2,4 dinitrophenol were publicized. People have forgotten how hazardous that medication can be. Maybe there is a whole new generation getting into this drug because the last time people were injured or killed by it they were too young to know about it. Whatever the case, this is a hazardous substance that was banned for a reason.

The ban isn’t anything new. Though 2,4 dinitrophenol was easily available in the United States about a hundred years ago, it was finally banned in 1938 as a result of severe side effects that were putting people’s lives at risk – or killing them. Now, many people have started to try to obtain DNP to lose weight despite those severe side effects – which truly are dangerous. It is not an overreaction by regulating authorities.

Using this illegal drug to try to lose weight can lead to hyperthermia, which can kill you very painfully. DNP causes your body to burn more fat from your body as fuel, which would be great if the resulting consequence wasn’t that the burn goes too far, heating a user’s core temperature to a deadly extreme. (more…)

Weight Loss Hacks That are Scientifically Proven to Work

proven weight loss hacksThere is no shortage of dieting advice available to us at any given time, but there is a big difference between the tips you see on the average Facebook page and the types of weight loss hacks that are actually scientifically proven to help you shed the excess fat. Choosing the right ones can actually make a bigger difference than you think.

After all, the last thing you want to do is waste your time, energy and money on trying to follow added changes to your lifestyle that aren’t giving you any advantage. Even worse, you will want to avoid the types of tips that sound good but could actually cause you harm, instead.

For that reason, it’s a great idea to consider weight loss hacks that have been proven by research before falling back on those that just sound easy to do. (more…)

Give into Cravings with These Highly Nutritious Sweet Treats

highly nutritious sweet treatsMany people have a powerful sweet tooth that makes them crave sweets, particularly at certain times of the day, such as in the middle of the afternoon or after dinnertime. While this can be detrimental to a weight loss diet if the cravings are combined with poor food choices. However, some research has shown that allowing yourself to have dessert is actually good for you mentally and physically and may even contribute to weight loss. The key is to make sure you’re choosing the right sweet foods to satisfy your sweet tooth while simultaneously providing yourself with nutrition, not junk food.

The following are some nutritious sweet treats you can enjoy without the guilt of having eaten yet another junk food dessert. Just keep in mind that too much of anything isn’t great for you, so enjoy these treats – and any sweet goodies – in moderation.

Chocolate dipped berries – Choose organic berries if you can. Options such as strawberries and blueberries go very well with dark chocolate (70 percent cocoa or higher) which should be your option. Even better than buying the ones that are ready-made is melting a couple of squares of dark chocolate to dip the berries yourself. (more…)

10 Moves to Build Killer Legs at Home without Equipment

build killer legs at homeWhen you think about leg day training, you’re likely picturing yourself at a gym. We usually think that a good leg workout requires equipment. It’s true that a stair climber, a leg press or even a squat bar can make a killer leg workout an obvious one. That said, as much as they do work, they’re not a requirement.

It’s possible for you to work out all the major muscles in your legs without a single piece of equipment. Instead, you can finish a killer leg workout from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a chair and know how to use the right moves to turn your own bodyweight into the equipment you require to get the job done. With that and some drive, you’ll burn fat and work the muscles in your inner thighs, calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads.

The following are 10 excellent moves to build killer legs without requiring a single piece of gym equipment: (more…)

Freeze and Heat This Protein-Packed Breakfast Casserole

protein breakfast casseroleWhen you want a great hot breakfast in the morning, the odds are that you feel your only options are to either toss an egg in a pan or make oatmeal. While those are both lovely, when you choose a breakfast casserole made to fit your nutrition and weight management needs, you can make sure you have everything you need in a hot breakfast all week long with minimal effort.

This breakfast casserole not only tastes great, freezes well and heats up wonderfully, but it’s also jammed with protein and nutrients. All you need to do is whip one up on the weekend, portion it out, tossing some into your freezer and some into your fridge, and heat them up every morning so you’ll be able to enjoy quick, delicious nutrition. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Tips: Help Your Valentine Fall in Love and Not Off Their Diet

Valentine's Day weight loss tips and gift ideasValentine’s Day weight loss tips aren’t exactly in line with candy hearts and boxes of chocolates. When we think of Valentine’s Day treats, the majority of us think of sweet indulgences. Alternately, some of us may have a candlelit dinner at home or at a fancy restaurant in our minds. Typically, those involve a rich and delicious meal followed by a dessert that often contains the same number of calories that most of us should be eating in a single day.

As fun as that can be, if your special someone needs some weight loss support, the calorie, sugar and fat packed meal can be a setback of days or even weeks. For that reason, if you want to give your love something truly special this year, consider some alternative treats that don’t come with the dieting setbacks. (more…)

Why Drinking Water to Lose Weight is a Perfect Companion Strategy to FENFAST 375 Use

drinking water to lose weightNo matter what weight loss strategy you might be following and regardless of how much benefit you are receiving through the use of FENFAST 375, if you add adequate water intake you will only experience further advantages. Water is a vital part of any healthy lifestyle. It is just as critical to being able to manage your weight as it is to keeping up your health overall.

While you take FENFAST 375 to support your weight loss and make certain you’re getting the most out of every effort you make, ensure that you’re including drinking an adequate amount of water as one of those efforts. (more…)

Using FENFAST 375 to Help Break out of a Stubborn Weight Loss Plateau

break a stubborn weight loss plateauA weight loss plateau is among the most frustrating parts of natural dieting. When you have been eating properly, focusing on calories and nutrition and have been exercising at least most days of the week, you rightly feel that you should be rewarded with healthy results in your body. Unfortunately, due to many possible reasons, those rewards are sometimes quite hard to see, particularly on the bathroom scale.

Even if you have not been using a diet pill until reaching a weight loss plateau, FENFAST 375 can become a handy tool for breaking out of that challenge in order to get on track once again. The formula was created using clinically researched ingredients. It’s meant to help you to take even tighter control over your strategy to lose weight. With the additional energy it provides, it becomes easier to burn through fat and keep up with your calorie reduced diet. (more…)

3 Tips for Keeping Hunger Away on a Diet

keep hunger away on a dietIf you ask anybody what the worst part of dieting is, they’ll likely come up with quite a list, but when asked to choose only one, hunger will nearly always rise to the top. After all, when we need to cut back on our daily caloric intake, it can mean that we’re not eating as much food as we used to, particularly as we learn about the foods we should be eating and that will allow us larger quantities to fill us up.

So before you’ve mastered your new way of eating, what can you do to keep your hunger away while still sticking to your healthy eating habits for weight loss? Here are three fantastic and expert backed strategies to help you to master your hunger so you can focus on more important things in your life. (more…)

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Beyond January

Stick to your New Year's ResolutionWhen you first make your New Year’s resolution, it’s easy to feel motivated and driven to keep up with it. However, keeping up a great new healthy habit for two weeks and keeping it up for a year means two very different things.

This year, don’t just make a great resolution for yourself. Find out how you can stick to it beyond the first month and make sure you get the results you were hoping for. Use the following tips to help you to turn your resolution into a success to bring you pride.

Be realistic – This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set your goals high, but make sure they’re not so high that they are – or feel as though they are – unattainable. Have a clearheaded look at what you want to do and how you want to reach that goal. (more…)