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How Do Sugary Drinks Affect Your Body and Your Weight?

How Sugary Drinks Affect Your Body Those super-sugary drinks that are tucked away in your refrigerator and pantry might taste yummy, but they could also be negatively affecting your tummy. Sugary drinks affect your body in more ways than one, though. Because of this, you should first learn what sort of impact these tasty drinks have on your body, and then you will want to figure out some healthy ways to avoid sugary drinks altogether.


What Difference Will You Feel from Getting 10,000 Steps Every Day?

What is the deal with trying to get 10,000 steps every day?  To be completely frank, the number is an arbitrary one. It was chosen in 1965 in Japan as a target for a pedometer called “Manpo-kei”, which translates to “ten thousand steps meter” in English.  It was a marketing tactic for the gadget that was, for whatever reason, accepted as the universal goal for the amount we move around on our feet each day. 


How Exercise Affects Gut Flora

How Exercise Affects Gut FloraPerhaps you have never considered the connection of how exercise affects gut flora. It’s common just to turn to exercise simply for the fact that it helps you to lose weight or get healthier, but it goes much further than that. What you will find is also that exercise can help you with so many digestive issues, and therefore can benefit you greatly in this way.


Low Carb vs No Carb Diet: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Low Carb vs No Carb Diet

Let the low carb vs no carb diet debate begin!  Both types of eating strategy have their fans and have become highly popular. As a result, this has left many people wondering which of the two is better for weight loss.  Which one is the best option to get rid of the pounds and keep them from coming back?


The Benefits of Inversion Exercises for the Spine

Benefits of Inversion Exercises Finding the perfect exercise when you have issues with your spine can sometimes be a difficult task. You need to be careful not to do anything that could make matters worse, but you want to remain as physically active as possible, nonetheless. There are several spinal benefits of inversion exercises, which explains why it is so quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for people who have problems in that area.


Is Your Weight Gain Part of a Widespread North American Food Addiction?

Food Addiction and Weight

Food addiction is gaining ground in the medical community but is not yet widely accepted in mainstream medical circles.  The research isn’t there yet, though the body of evidence is growing.  While it may not yet be listed in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) among addictions, it might not be long before it finds a place there.  The debate is rising, and the studies are starting to support the claims.


5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Gym Membership

How to Get Rid of Your Gym Membership

Ready to get rid of your gym membership?  It’s a decision many of us face at various times in our lives.  There’s nothing wrong with signing up to classes or to use the machines and equipment at your own pace. However, if you just aren’t using it to the point that it’s worth your while, or you’re looking for areas where you can trim extra expenses from your life, this is certainly an option worth considering.


Can Losing Weight Cause Hair Loss?

Does Losing Weight Cause Hair Loss

Can losing weight cause hair loss?  Is it possible that more strands are falling out because you’re also shedding unwanted pounds? The unfortunate news is that yes, it can be the case. The good news is that it is only in certain specific circumstances, and it is typically both preventable and temporary if it does happen.


The Most Effective Lower Ab Workouts

Effective Lower Ab Workouts

Getting your belly into great shape can be an easy task if you know what you are doing. Sometimes people have a little trouble with that lower ab area, though, and as a result they need to know about the most effective lower ab workouts.


Processed Carbs Are as Important as Calories to Your Weight Loss

Processed Carbs and Weight Loss

Processed carbs are proving to be more of a problem in our diets than we used to believe.  Nobody has ever truly believed that they were choosing fast food for the nutrition value, after all. However, as it turns out, highly processed carbohydrates actually have more of an impact on our weight than previously believed.  In fact, new research is now suggesting that they are having as much of an impact as overeating and caloric intake on the challenges we face in losing weight, and on the prevalence of obesity and overweight rates worldwide.