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Exercises to Tone the Thighs

exercises to tone the thighsIf you are looking for more toned thighs at home, you have come to the right place. Sometimes your regular cardio does not target thighs and butt, or maybe you have tried to tone your thighs and butt but somehow ended up looking bulky. These exercises to tone the thighs also give legs the right amount of muscle without the bulk. If you are already bulky in the thigh butt area be sure to extend you stretching time to about 15 minutes before and 15 after.

Squats are always suggested when people are looking to tone the thighs, doing squats with dumbbells will give you a compound workout. A compound workout is an exercise that works out two or more muscle groups. Compound workouts give you more fat burn, therefore when you target the area you want to work on (thighs) and make it a compound, will be burning fat in that area as well. Making your tone and muscle building more rapid. (more…)

FenFast Exercise Plan for Quick Results

fenfast exercise plan for best resultsWhen choosing an exercise plan, it is important to analyze your body type, your BMI, to set goals for yourself, and focus on the changes you want to make. Getting mentally ready is the first step, telling yourself aloud what your plans are. For example, “I am going to become more healthy, my goal is to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. I am going to do this by taking good care of myself, only giving my body the best fuel for energy, and keeping chemicals out of my body.” Include this positive affirmation into your FenFast exercise plan for greater results.

In the FenFast exercise plan, sleep is vital to getting the quick results you want. When tailoring your plan to you, it is best to monitor, analyze, and record the following data. Take a heart rate monitor and walk at a normal pace, do this for about 5 minutes and record your heart rate, then begin power walking for 5 minutes, record, then RUN for 5 minutes pushing yourself, and record that as well. Your heart rate for the normal pace is going to be your easy, the powerwalking is going to be your moderate, and your running is going to be your high intensity. Keeping this in mind while you exercise you should first stretch, then warm up for 10 minutes with your easy, then move it up to your moderate for about 15, then push your high intensity for 10 minutes, then move back down to your moderate for 15 minutes again, then cool down with your 10 minutes of easy. That is the best way to tailor a high intensity 60 minute workout to you. Before beginning this or any workout though, talk with your doctor to be sure it is safe for you.

When you visit a gym or if you are in a mountainous region, you should use a small incline each time you do your exercise, the FenFast exercise plan goal is to torch as much fat and calories in one activity as you possibly can. Before doing your cardio workout, if you do your strength or resistance training first will have you torching twice the calories during your cardio. When doing your strength or resistance training, if you exhale while pushing, lifting, or stretching your muscles will be firmer. Also, make sure you are changing all your routines up weekly. Do not do the same routine from week to week. If it is at all possible change it day by day. Keeping your tummy flexed and firm during other activities like lifting weights, stretching, or yoga is going to increase fat burn and help you tighten your core muscles over all.

If you are an avid coffee or green tea drinker, make sure to have it within 30 minutes of your workout to torch some extra cals while burning extra fat. During the Fen Fast exercise plans it is highly encouraged that you listen to an upbeat playlist as much as possible. People who listen to music, move more, work harder and burn more fat and calories. It also keeps you motivated, as well as upbeat.

When you are on the FenFast exercise plan, the motivation and attitude is just as important as the exercises themselves. When the FenFast exercise plan is followed closely people lost weight very rapidly. Also, the quick results long lasted any of the fad diets. Not to mention how well sculpted and lean FenFaster’s appear compared to those who only dieted and did a regular cardio routine.

Dieter Reviews of FenFast 375

reviews of fenfast 375 from dietersMost dieters are on the search for the best alternative to Adipex, they found their answer in FenFast 375. What is the secret to FenFast 375? The secret is 100% clinically proven ingredients for weight loss. Every single ingredient in FenFast is effective for weight loss, a higher metabolic rate, enhanced energy levels, and a dramatically reduced appetite.

FenFast goes beyond all the other diet pills, firstly, because it is extremely affordable. Next, because unlike other diet pills, FenFast has a mood boosting ingredient to help you feel more motivated and positive. Also, FenFast can be bought without a prescription, and can be taken with minimal risk of side effects. Additionally, this pill is not addictive, like its competitors.

The dieter reviews of FenFast 375 is more upbeat and positive than the reviews of Adipex and other competitors. FenFast users are excited about the fact they are not gaining the weight back even after they stopped taking FenFast. Other dieters express how taking FenFast first thing in the morning sets them up for a day of success, helps them power through their workout and makes getting through the day that much easier. When taking FenFast, users report losing an average of 10 pounds or more a month. FenFast users who hit the gym regularly say they are able to work out harder and longer, they feel more stamina and energy throughout their entire workout.

The dieter reviews of FenFast 375 are mainly optimistic, everyone loves the mood boosts and the elevated energy levels. People who have struggled with overeating and emotional eating say they have been able to gradually train their body to cut down the portion sizes. Users also have reported overall learning to make better food choices. Their new found good habits sticking with them even after they were done taking FenFast. Most users were successful in hitting their goal weight with FenFast 375 and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

When dieters are looking for a better, safer, and more affordable version of Adipex, they have turned to FenFast, and were quite impressed. It’s no mystery why, FenFast has mood and energy boosting properties. Additionally, they allow the user to cut back on their food and calorie intake. When the dieter reviews of FenFast 375 were in, users were not only impressed with the formula, they were happy with their results.

Common Unhealthy Dieting Mistakes

Common Unhealthy Dieting MistakesMany people struggle with their weight, and with all the products and diets on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Not to mention that every person is going to react differently to different diets, supplements, and exercises. The key to knowing the difference is balance. Losing weight is going to take equal efforts of eating right and exercise. Use these common unhealthy dieting mistakes as a guideline to know what to avoid.

Not eating enough, or skipping meals is probably one of the most common unhealthy dieting mistakes. Surely you have heard about putting your body into starvation mode. While that is true, also consider that a significant calorie cut or going below 1200 calories will “appear” to work at first, but after a short time your metabolic rate will drop, and you will be right back where you started from, except more hungry. Once this happens, it is going to take almost double the workout to burn off what you used to be able to burn off before by doing nothing. 1200 calories is considered a low calorie diet.

Beware of things that say fat free, sugar free, or low fat. These “free” items are chemically infused, ample sugar amounts, and refined carbs. This is a sure fire way to fill open and expand fat cells, so the next time you do have any fat, ANY, being the key word, the fat will have a nice big home. Not to mention, all the chemicals that lead to other diseases and illness.

Fad diets and going over board does more harm than good in most cases. Avoid going to extremes such as cutting out dairy, carbohydrates, or fat. When you cut a certain nutrient out of your diet (carbohydrates/fats) your body loses the proper enzymes to break it down. In other words your body will lose the ability to break it down and process it, therefore, your body will most likely not be converting this stuff to energy and maybe storing most of it to fat.

Lastly, one of the biggest common unhealthy dieting mistakes is cheat meals. Cheat meals can be beneficial if they are eaten in moderate amounts. However, people generally let cheat meals, become cheat days, that become cheat weekends. Then you are basically undoing all the good things you did throughout the week. If that is not bad enough, most dieters tend to feel extremely guilty afterwards and stress about it. They then counter their mistakes over the weekend by counting every single morsel, also unhealthy.

To avoid these and other common unhealthy dieting mistakes, the key is to balance. Keeping unhealthy foods in moderation, keeping away from fat free, low fat, and sugar free. Be sure you are eating enough of the right foods and not drastically cutting calories. Also, stay away from drastic fad diets, and stop going overboard by counting any one nutrient out of your diet. It is also helpful to listen to your body and know when you are hungry and when you are full, it’s best to eat slowly to determine this.

Jump Starting Your Metabolism

jump start your metabolismThere are so many things working against you in the weight loss battle… is your metabolism one of them? If you have been on at least 3 different diets, frequently missed meals, or cut out any of the major food groups in the last year- the answer is probably yes. In that case here are the foods and exercises to jump starting your metabolism. It is important first and foremost not to starve yourself.

When your metabolism needs jump starting, the place to start is your diet. Make sure your diet isn’t lacking any important nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, or fat. Steer clear of anything that says “fat-free”, it’s artificial. If you want fat-free, eat foods that are naturally fat-free, such as celery. Artificial fat-free food actually makes your body think it needs to store fat, so when you do consume fat later on it will pile on. When jump starting your metabolism, begin by consuming carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, fruit, and sweet potatoes. After a day or two introduce lean proteins and dark leafy greens. After a day or two then add healthy fats seeds, coconut/olive oil, or nuts. This process will restart your metabolism from scratch, make sure to avoid crash diets in the future.

Vitamins, especially fish oil, and fiber help power and speed up your metabolism. Also, vitamins B12 and B6, taurine, and caffeine will rev that metabolism up. Certain beverages that contain caffeine and have been proven to have other health benefits are coffee and green tea. However, not getting enough sleep will slow your metabolism down so be sure to have your last cup no later than 4 p.m.

Exercise, next to metabolism helps keep weight coming off. Aerobics are the best way to get jump starting your metabolism. Staying active will boost your metabolism the most. Never sit when you can stand, never stand when you can walk. Strength training, and working high intensity intervals into your workout routine will not only keep your workout fresh, but it will also give you more muscle for a higher metabolic rate. Exercise outside – scientists don’t know if it is the sunlight or the fresh air-but exercising outside will boost metabolic rate more than working out in a gym. When walking outside, increase calorie burn by walking in the grass, sand, dirt, or gravel. Also, using Nordic poles, walking sticks, or wearing weights will burn more than walking alone.

With so many fad diets out there it’s likely your metabolism has fallen victim to some of them, but that’s not to say you can’t repair the damage. Just nurse your diet back to health and include all the essential nutrients, carbs, proteins, and fats, don’t forget to take your vitamins. Additionally, simple adjustments to your exercise routine, like increased intensity, and some natural vitamin D, will help to build muscle and jumpstart your metabolism.