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8 Snacks That Increase Metabolism Quickly

increase metabolism with these snacksYou are busy, with work, family, friends, school, and other additional responsibilities. With so many things to do, it really is so easy to just stop and grab something on the way. Many fast food places offer salads and lower calorie alternatives, so why not right?

Actually, it’s so wrong. Many “healthy” alternatives offered by fast food places are either the same or worse than other full fatty things on the menu. Many of these alternatives contain chemicals and additives that will slow your metabolism not to mention harm your health. (more…)

Why It’s Best to Change Eating Habits Slowly

how to change eating habitsMost people should and need to change their eating habits. Many times when people attempt to change them they fail, but why? Usually, it is because they went to extremes. That’s why it is best to change eating habits slowly. People need time to adjust to change. How does a person start their change for better eating habits and better health?


The first way to change your habits would be to cut their worst foods down to half. If your worst food is ice cream, eat half the amount of scoops you normally would. (more…)

How the FenFast 375 Formula Works

fenfast 375 formula factsIf you are dieting and exercising and it seems like it just isn’t enough, you may have looked into diet pills. There are a few prescription diet pills such as Phentermine and Adipex that give great results pretty quickly. But why go through the hassle of getting a prescription when you can get the same benefits over the counter. That is where the FenFast 375 formula comes in.

FenFast 375 shares many of the same benefits as certain prescriptions like Adipex. The benefits include being able to alter your eating habits by trading bad habits for the good. Also, the FenFast 375 formula revs up metabolism and aids to increase fat burn. (more…)

Finding a Weight Loss App That Helps You Stay on Track

weight loss app finderMany dieters and calorie counters are using weight loss apps to help them stay on track. They provide services such as calorie counting, exercise logs, group support, goal setting, and track progress. Do they really help? Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and get the most out of technology.

What are they and what do they do?

Noom weight loss– this weight loss app helps you stay on track by allowing you to set goals, track progress, and as a little bonus there is a way to track your consumption. (more…)