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How to Use an Inversion Table to Lose Belly Fat

using an inversion table to lose belly fatMany people are carrying excess weight while others do not, yet at least 70 percent of the population will experience some sort of back pain with a significant percentage of that group suffering from back injury. Many of these people will suffer from neck pain or injury as well.

When a person is first diagnosed with back pain, they will often receive a prescription for pain medication and be directed to a chiropractic clinic for therapy and relief–at least, if their insurance covers such treatment. Then, after a few massage treatments that may work for a while, they typically stop (more…)

5 of the Most Handy Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

fitness apps for iphone and androidJust when you thought you were aware of everything, technology surprises you with something new. There are even fitness apps for your iPhone and Android that will follow you and hold your hand, yell at you and even motivate you through your workouts. Here we will discuss and introduce to you to the most handy fitness apps for the iPhone and Android. It is a great thing for your fitness routine when you can literally carry around your fitness plan with you. There are several choices in the types of fitness apps to enjoy, depending on what you are intending to do. (more…)