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How Exercise Increases Pain Tolerance

Exercise Increases Pain ToleranceIt would be nice never to feel any pain, but that is simply not a possibility for most people. However, there is an effective way to make your pain less of an issue. Did you know that exercise increases pain tolerance if you do it right and if you do it often enough? According to recent studies, that is exactly the case, but there are a few things you need to know first. Most importantly, you need to understand just how this effect works so that you do not overwork yourself in an effort to make your pain go away.

Releases Endorphins and Dopamine into the Body (more…)

5 Things You Should Know about Eating Zucchini

Eating ZucchiniThere are a lot of people who enjoy eating zucchini because they find it very delicious. It can be shaped into various forms and made into several different dishes as a standalone meal, or even fixed with other tasty foods as a side dish. Zucchini has been a staple on the plates of people all over the world for many years, but a responsible eater always finds out why. If you want to be as healthy and as knowledgeable about your diet as possible, then listen up.

1. Extremely Low in Calories

Eating zucchini may very well be the answer you have been looking for in terms of finding the best way to feel full and still manage to lose weight. Light and delicious, an entire serving of zucchini only has about 20 calories (more…)

Things You Shouldn't Be Doing in Yoga Class

Yoga Class rulesTaking a yoga class is supposed to be fun and rewarding, but that is nearly impossible if you are not doing it right. By the same token, spending too much time worrying about your technique could cause you some serious problems. It all boils down to knowing what you should and shouldn’t know while you are on the mat.

For the most part, there are no rules to yoga. However, there are three things you shouldn’t be doing in yoga class:

1. Trying Too Hard to be Perfect

Indeed, there is a technique to doing yoga, but that does not mean you have to do it perfectly. You are bound to make some mistakes, especially when you first begin to learn new and/or more challenging positions. Just try to keep your head up about the situation and go at your own pace. (more…)

Irregular Heart Rhythms Caused by High Endurance Workouts

high endurance workouts and heart healthWe always hear that we should be pushing ourselves to get results, but high endurance workouts may not be right for everyone. The truth is that these are all about intensity, but almost at the highest and, sometimes, most damaging levels. Though they can offer some excellent health benefits, if you are prone to health problems then they may be off limits. The key is to get the most out of your workouts but to truly listen to, and remain in line with, what your body is telling you. If you can focus on the right type of workouts, then you will get results, and that’s what really matters here. It’s not only about working out hard but also about working out smart. (more…)

Fitness Expert Advice: Exercises You Shouldn't Do

Fitness Expert Advice and TipsWhen it comes to working out, you want to work out hard but smart, so taking fitness expert advice can prove to be very important. Though you may not realize that some exercises can actually hurt you, this is truly the case. You want to think about what your starting point is and what sort of limitations you might have. Consider what type of exercise you may be doing and be prepared to pass up the ones that could hurt you. While you are enthusiastic about getting fit, you want to approach it in the right way to get fitness value but never get injured.

When you take the time to research fitness expert advice, you will find that there are some things that should be off limits at the gym. (more…)

Why You Won't Lose Weight with Exercise Alone

Lose Weight with Exercise AloneWe know that to achieve change we have to work for it, but you will find that you can’t lose weight with exercise alone. The focus for most of us is on how we eat, and that’s fine. Just as you won’t lose weight simply by exercising more, you also won’t lose it by eating the right foods. In the end, it’s all about a balance and a healthy lifestyle at the core. This is hard for a lot of people to understand and accept because nobody wants to transform their lifestyle that dramatically. Though you may not want to accept it, by making the right lifestyle changes, you will lose weight and also transform your body and your life. (more…)

Saba Appetite Control and Energy Pills Linked to Liver Failure

Saba Appetite Control and Energy Pills warningIt looks as though not all is well on the home front for the popular appetite suppressant and energy supplements made by the well-known company, Saba. According to the latest news, these pills have been directly linked to liver failure in some cases. As a matter of fact, a woman from Texas was recently hospitalized and had to have a liver transplant after taking only three Saba Appetite Control and Energy pills (often known as “ACE” pills). After users of the pill have begun developing jaundice at an alarming rate, skeptics are now starting to wonder whether or not these ACE pills should be stripped from the shelves of our markets altogether. (more…)

Working Out Can Help You Change Your Outlook on the World

Workout to Change Your OutlookGetting in a good workout can drastically transform the way you view your life. Being stuck in a rut or feeling depressed can be easily stopped if you simply get physically active once in a while. A sedentary lifestyle can cause some serious health problems, which is why exercise is always at the top of the list when discussing ways to live a happier life. If you really want to change your outlook on the world, then you will have to start working out out every now and then. It does not mean that you have to turn yourself into a weightlifting gym rat, but you will have to begin taking steps—literally—in the right direction. (more…)

Signs That You're Addicted to Exercise

Are You Addicted to ExerciseAs a human being, you can become addicted to anything. Most of the time, people become addicted to things that give them some sort of favorable outcome, but that is not always the case. At times, addiction can cause some serious health problems, even when the source of addiction is supposed to be healthy. These days, a lot of folks are finding themselves addicted to exercise. Are you one of them?

There are several ways you can know whether or not you are addicted to exercise. (more…)

Websites Where Betting Can Help You Lose Weight

Betting Can Help You Lose Weight onlineIt may sound way too good to be true, but there are some websites out there through which betting can help you lose weight. This is not like the traditional or typical type of online betting that you may be thinking of. This is really more based upon diet or weight-loss challenges that are constantly working in the background to keep you motivated. You are essentially betting on yourself, and that’s never a bad investment. You are betting amongst other people as to how much weight you can lose and challenging yourself against others. If you are competitive or need some motivation, then this is by far the best way to go. (more…)