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Can the Brain Tell the Body to Burn More Fat?

Burn More Fat with the brainThey say that anything can be accomplished when you master the nuances of mind over matter. Well, it just so happens that recent scientific discoveries have confirmed his, at least when it comes to the body being able to burn more fat. That’s right, it seems as though we can actually think our way to a thin and fit physique if we know what we are doing. It all comes down to our unique brain chemistry, our hormonal balances, and our ability to manipulate all of that to our greatest benefit.

How Hormones Play a Starring Role in Weight Loss

There exist natural hormones in every person’s body, and up until recently, they were pretty much disregarded in terms of weight loss. (more…)

How FenFast 375 Helps You Lose 25 Pounds a Month

Lose 25 Pounds a Month with FenFast 375Did you know that it is possible for you to lose 25 pounds a month successfully with the right methods? That translates to about one pound per day, which is some serious weight loss if you think about it. There just so happens to be a diet pill out there that can help you do exactly that, and it’s called FenFast 375. This revolutionary weight-loss medication is sweeping the nation, and your scales can give you 25 good reasons why.

How Does It Help Me lose That Much Weight Safely?

The most remarkable thing about FenFast 375 is that it makes weight loss such an effortless endeavor. (more…)

What is the Nordic Diet?

Nordic Diet reviewIf you’ve never heard of the new Nordic Diet then it’s time to learn all about it. This is a revolutionary way of eating, and though some of the concepts are not new, the overall eating plan is. This type of eating is counterintuitive in many ways because those who eat a Nordic cuisine tend to think of very traditional and sometimes fatty dishes. When you think of what the people of Norway and Sweden eat you may not think of healthy fare. Many think of favorites such as smoked fish, cheese, and even Swedish meatballs as the main staples of this type of diet. (more…)

Fexaramine: The Diet Pill That Acts Like an Imaginary Meal

Fexaramine informationWhen you hear of a drug like Fexaramine you will likely dismiss it as too good to be true. Though it is still very much a drug in its infancy, there is great hope that turning to this particular drug may help with weight loss in an exciting new way. What if you could get the illusion that you feel full midway through a meal? What if somehow your brain could trick your stomach into thinking that you’ve already eaten enough early on? Getting to the heart of what happens when you eat enough is what lies behind this drug, and scientists are very hopeful for the initial findings. (more…)

Best All Natural Sugar Substitutes

Best All Natural Sugar SubstitutesSugar is often referred to as white poison owing to its zero nutritional content, being a source of empty calories. Sugar consumption is linked to obesity, which poses a threat to your health and gives rise to various serious health problems. Moreover, it is also linked to impaired brain functions, besides heart diseases and cancer risk.

In view of the serious threats sugar consumption poses, health practitioners advise people to reduce their intake of sugar in all possible forms, including the hidden sources of sugar. Keeping your health in view, you can eliminate or reduce your intake of sugar by switching to healthier and all natural sugar substitutes. (more…)

Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

Vegetables for Weight LossFruits and vegetables are not merely packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper functioning of the body but also aid in weight loss. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will help you stay healthy, feel more energetic, and lose weight. If you are looking for healthy food choices to lose weight, this article will help you identify fruits and vegetables for weight loss that can help you lose the extra pounds you have put on.

Fruits for Weight Loss

Apples and bananas are among the fruits that promote natural and healthy weight loss. Let’s see how: (more…)

Family Criticism Could Cause Weight Gain

Family Criticism Could Cause Weight GainWell-meaning parents and family members tend to get critical of us when they spot a quality within us that needs improvement. To them, this is the best approach for getting us to change these habits. They nag at us until we can no longer take it and as a result decide to do something about it. However, criticizing can quickly become unproductive. According to research, people who live in a criticizing and under-appreciative environment find it difficult to lose weight. In fact, not only does it make losing weight difficult but criticism could cause weight gain as well. (more…)

Easy Ways to Determine Which Foods Cause Allergies

Determining Which Foods Cause AllergiesIt is extremely important to know whether or not you or someone you love has an allergy to a specific food. Because some allergic reactions can be quite serious, exposing someone to an allergen can cause some serious problems. Having a few easy ways to determine which foods cause allergies and which ones do not might help you to provide some preventative measures when the allergies are still unknown. Being safe rather than sorry is surely what we are all hoping for, as nobody wants a lovely meal to turn into an avoidable emergency.

1. Keep a Comprehensive Food Diary

In order to tell which foods cause allergies, you have to first keep track of which foods you eat. (more…)

A Guide to the Different Types of Fats in Your Diet

Different Types of Fats in your dietIt can be such good news to hear that you can have fat in your diet, and so you want to understand the different types of fats. As with anything within nutrition, there are good types and bad types. It’s imperative to understand the differences so that you can make the healthiest choices overall. It’s not always easy to understand which are best, though some are clearly all wrong for you. So if you are interested in not only losing weight but working towards better health, it’s important to make the right choices within this category. This is a part of the food pyramid that you may tend to skip over, but you do need some fats but just the right types of them to be your best. (more…)

Are Carbs Really the Enemy?

Are Carbs Really The EnemyYou hear it time and time again, but can it really be true—are carbs really the enemy? The important thing to remember with any of these crazes out there is that there is conflicting information for a reason. We started to see carbs become a problematic food when certain diets came to the forefront. When you heard about the Atkin’s Diet or even the South Beach Diet, it was all about cutting out carbs in any form. You were told that you shouldn’t eat carbs for they introduced elements that you didn’t need which could cause you to gain weight. For so long we all believed this and therefore we thought that we needed to avoid them, but this may not be the entire truth overall. (more…)