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How to Lose Weight When You're Feeling Lazy

How to Lose Weight when lazyMany people want to lose weight but may not necessarily want to put in the time in that is required. Though you might think that losing weight is all about following the latest trend or fad, that can grow old quickly. Not only that, but you may also find that you’re lazy and you want to make things easier on yourself. The only way to really change your body is to create the right lifestyle, but there are some good shortcuts. If you want to know how to lose weight when you tend to be lazy, then it’s all about planning ahead and taking the guesswork out of the equation. (more…)

Lose Saddlebags with These Workout Tips

Exercises to Lose SaddlebagsPeople work out for a variety of different reasons, and all are important in the long term. If you are working out to lose weight or to focus on a particular problem area, then you want to be sure that you are taking the right approach. A good mix of cardio and strength training will prove to be helpful for most problem areas and reasons for working out, but you want to think it through for your own individual reasons. If, for example, you are trying to lose saddlebags then you want to be certain that you go about it the right way! (more…)

How Gut Bacteria Can Affect Results of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery and gut bacteriaBariatric surgery is no laughing matter. It can have seriously positive or tremendously terrible consequences on a person, depending on several different factors. Used for those who suffer from extreme obesity, bariatric surgery side effects are wide-ranging and are usually specified by the habits and actions of the patient. However, recent research is showing how the prevalence of gut bacteria (or gut flora) can actually affect the results of this highly controversial weight loss procedure.

What is Gut Bacteria?

It doesn’t sound like something you want in your body, but you do. (more…)

GC-1 Transforms Bad Fat to Good Fat

Good Fat and bad fatAs many people already know, there are two main types of fat that can be found in the human body – good fat and bad fat. Modern science has shown us how consuming enough good fat each day is essential to proper health, but some folks are still having trouble eliminating the bad fats from their diets. Indeed, this is a difficult task because today’s food industry is replete with unhealthy and highly processed foods that are dense in bad fats. Luckily, researchers have developed a new drug (known as CG-1) which can actually transform fats into their most optimal form. (more…)

Top 10 Foods Highest in Sugar

Top 10 Foods Highest in SugarExcess consumption of sugar can give rise to obesity and a number of other health problems. If you wish to keep your weight under control and avoid the associated health problems, it is necessary to limit your intake of sugar. To help you identify foods that have a high sugar content, this article will take a look at the top 10 foods highest in sugar:

1. Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are among the foods highest in sugar and include soft drinks as well as certain fruit juices. These are a significant source of dietary sugar and should be avoided by all those who wish to reduce their sugar intake. (more…)

FenFast 375 Rapid Weight Loss Pills: How and Why They Work

Effective Rapid Weight Loss PillsExcessive weight and obesity is a common problem in the modern world. Dependence on technology and a sedentary lifestyle has increased the incidence of blood pressure and heart-related complications. This is the reason why there is a raging demand for rapid weight loss pills in the market.

FenFast 375 is a non-prescription, fast acting weight loss pill that is an alternative to the popular weight loss tablet, Phentermine. FenFast 375 derives its stimulating effects from Hordenine and caffeine. (more…)

Exercises for Anti-Inflammatory Effects in the Body

Exercises for Anti-Inflammatory Effects in the bodyInflammation is one of the main causes of weight gain for today’s men and women, but there are actually several exercises for anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Unfortunately, researchers are still trying to figure out exactly which exercises to perform and for how long. As science discovers the answers, everyday people can still workout with a purpose. It is already a well-known fact that exercise reduces inflammation in the body, though the key at this point is figuring out which exercises those are.

1. Work Out for the Long Run

According to recent studies on the matter, certain workouts great for anti-inflammatory results are hidden in plain sight. General exercise performed in only short bursts can actually increase inflammation in the body. (more…)

Top Foods That Contribute to Diabetes

Foods That Contribute to DiabetesDiabetes is a potentially life-threatening blood sugar disease that affects millions of people all over the globe. Unmanaged, it can cause serious injury to the body and mind. Most diabetics are restricted to the types of foods they can eat on a daily basis, although not all of those people are willing to adhere to the dietary specifications associated with the disease. As a matter of fact, there are a vast number of foods that contribute to diabetes, and worse is that they are often included in otherwise healthy meals. (more…)