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5 Things That Raise Your Obesity Risk

Obesity Risk factorsObesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics across the world. People of all ages are crossing the ‘safety’ threshold as far as body weight is concerned, paving the way to health problems of all kinds and also a hit to their self-image. The modern lifestyle is constantly blamed for increasing obesity risk, which is true, but it isn’t the only factor. There are some other things which increase your risk of becoming obese in the future, five of which are:


Genes play an important role in body composition, especially your body fat percentage. (more…)

How to Maintain Proper, Safe Form in All Exercise Programs

Exercise Programs safetyExercise is necessary for maintaining a healthy mind and body, but it is also equally important to learn and understand a safe form when practicing exercise programs. Here are some tips that will help you maintain proper form when performing both rigorous and low-key workouts:

Warm-up is a Must

You need to signal to your muscles that you are about to start the exercise.

Jumping straight into a hardcore workout session will weaken your muscles and increase the risk of injuries. Warm up and cool down for at least five minutes. Walking or stretching is an excellent pre-workout warm-up.

Focus on Your Form, Not on Your Weight

Align your body correctly according to each exercise. If you are performing muscle building exercises, make sure your lifts are smooth and controlled. (more…)

How to Plan Meals for a Week Every Week

How to Plan Meals for a WeekOne of the most difficult things to do when you are on a diet is come up with the meals that you should be eating. You want to eat healthy, but then life gets in the way and you have to run around for sports, activities, work and school. Often you may find that meals are on the go and horrible for your diet. One way that you can avoid this issue is to plan meals for a week in advance. With this activity, you will spend one night making all of the meals that you need for the whole week. Then you can just throw them in the oven and eat something healthy every day of the week. Here are some of the steps that you can take in order to plan meals for a week to help make a healthier you. (more…)

Exercises You Should Do on Rest Days

Rest Days adviceExercising is an important component to your daily life because it can do so much for your overall health as well as all the weight you would like to be. Keeping up with a good program is vital, but it is also a good idea to take rest days throughout the week. These rest days are going to allow you to take a break, allow your muscles to recover before using them again, and prevents any injuries.

Just because you are taking one of these break days does not mean that you should just sit around and do nothing. (more…)

How to Improve Lung Capacity for Better Workouts

Improve Lung Capacity tipsMany power packed exercises require you to intake large amounts of air. There are ways through which you can improve lung capacity and the efficiency with which it absorbs oxygen. We share some of these exercises that will increase your lung capacity and help you perform as many rigorous workouts as you want:

Breathing Out

Start by standing on a flat surface and bow down to your waist. Loosen up your knees and exhale as hard as you can. Inhale as you slowly come back up. When you feel your lungs are full of air, hold your breath for 20 seconds. (more…)

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love FenFast 375

FenFast 375 benefitsThe market is full of weight loss supplements but few have managed to leave their mark. FenFast 375 is one that has definitely left its mark. This pill is designed using top quality pharmacological ingredients. This pill is convenient to consume with minor side effects that can be easily managed, if the instructions on the label are followed carefully. This pill is a popular fat burning supplement. The benefits are so many that it has become an absolute favorite among people who are looking for safe, quick and effective weight loss in a short time. (more…)

The Best Way to Lose Weight Before the Summer

Best Way to Lose Weight before summerEveryone is always looking for the best way to lose weight before summer hits, mostly because nobody wants to look terrible in a bathing suit. On top of that, losing weight can be very beneficial to a person’s health, so why not? Summer is just around the corner and so you don’t have much time to whip that winter body back into shape. You are going to need some dedication, a few minor items, and a lot of determination to succeed. Regardless of how tight your schedule is, you too can create a beautiful summer body in time for opening day the pool. (more…)

Top Strategies for Long Term Weight Loss

Long Term Weight Loss strategiesAchieving long term weight loss can be tricky. Sure, there are plenty of options out there for a quick fix, but unless you have a few workable strategies you are likely to fall right back into those bad habits which made you overweight in the first place.

In order to shed those unwanted pounds from the body and keep them away for good, it is necessary to develop a plan that will work for you. Forget the fads and the bad advice. Here are the top four strategies for long term weight loss:

1. Get Rid of the Competition

Those unhealthy snacks in your cupboard glare at you during your weakest hour, beckoning you to gobble them up and pack on the pounds. However, you are smarter than that, which is why you are getting rid of everything in your kitchen that competes with your long term weight loss goals. (more…)

How You Can Eat Less and Not Get Hangry

How to Eat Less and Not Get HangryWe all know how it is when you’re dieting and trying to really watch what you eat, when you feel hungry and frustrated. You think it will be fine at first and then as the diet goes along you start to feel angry and bitter for the foods you can’t have. You know that you have to eat less but making the transition to smaller portions and a proper diet can be really difficult sometimes. If you feel like you have tried everything and still feel frustrated, then you have to think of creative ways to make it all work. If you want to eat less and not get hangry as you’ve felt before, then it’s time to get real.

You know what that “hangry” feeling is all about—you’re hungry, you’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you’re angry because of all of it! (more…)

Get Rid of Belly Pooch: 5 Belly Flattening Tips

Get Rid of Belly Pooch NowIf you’re trying to lose weight then there’s a good chance that you have some sort of problem area. You may be somebody that has a common problem area such as a thicker belly or you may have other problems that plague you.

When it comes to losing weight you want to focus on what you want to change the most and then target it with the most effective methods. Forget about the fads or trends that promise fast results, for getting rid of the problem area is really all about working hard to change it. If you’re like a lot of people then you want to get rid of belly pooch quickly and easily, and you really can!

It’s not always easy to get to that problem area and force it to go away. There is no magic formula, pill, or solution that will help you elicit change. (more…)