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FenFast 375: One of 2015’s Weight Loss Products of the Year

weight loss products of 2015With so many diet pills and fat burners on the market, it is often difficult to distinguish deceptive products from those that actually work. Without recommendations from personal friends or family, and peer reviews, its often we feel products to be scams. The best way to invalidate myths about weight loss products is to try them out. If you are worried about wasting your money and efforts, take advantage of other people’s experiences with the product. (more…)

When Should You Expect to Hit a Fitness Plateau?

predict a Fitness Plateau A fitness plateau can be an extremely frustrating and disheartening experience, but if you know how to predict one, then you may even be able to prevent it. There are many different reasons that you can suddenly find that you don’t feel like you’re progressing forward, despite the fact that you’re giving your workout your all.

The key to understanding when you might hit a fitness plateau – and breaking out of it – is a matter of knowing why they happen in the first place. (more…)

How to Stay Skinny After You Lose the Weight

How to Stay Skinny after weight lossYou deserve a round of applause if you have won your battle against your weight. Congratulations! Ok, hold it, that’s enough clapping. Time to hit the rubber again! Now, you need to learn how to stay skinny. Here are a few simple tips preventing you from playing the yoyo-weight game:

Check Weight and Adjust
We know checking your weight daily (after you have achieved your ideal weight) is effective in assisting you to stay fit. You can’t stop at just the daily check-in. (more…)