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Is the TransPyloric Shuttle Weight Loss Device Safe?

Weight Loss Device 2016There is now a new breakthrough weight loss procedure for people trying to lose excess weight. This new weight loss device is called TransPyloric Shuttle, or TPS, and has proven effective for people suffering from obesity. Unlike other weight loss procedures, TPS can be employed non-surgically and patient tolerance is high. So, let’s see how TPS works and if it’s a safe weight loss device or not.

What Is The TransPyloric Shuttle?
The TransPyloric Shuttle has a spherical bulb on one end that is connected to a smaller spherical bulb on the other end with a flexible tether. (more…)

How FenFast 375 Can Help You Lose Weight after the Holidays

Lose Weight after the Holidays with FenFast 375Millions of people around the world can relate to gaining a few after the big holiday feasts. The holiday season is a time of calorie binging, what with the eggnogs, turkeys, mashed potatoes, and desserts. You might feel not guilty at the time you are gorging down morsel after morsel but it is when you step on the scale after the holidays that you realize the extent of the damage. Well, there’s no point in entering panic mode and feeling depressed now that you have put on a few unwanted pounds.

If you feel dejected, you are likely to reach out for comfort food and that only means more weight gain. (more…)

How to Boost Your Immune System with Food This Winter

Boost Your Immune System with foodWith winter rapidly approaching, it’s that time of year to start to think about ways to protect ourselves from catching colds and the flu. Everywhere you go, you’re hearing that the key to staying healthy is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly and to boost your immune system through the right nutrition. While this does sound obvious, when it comes to taking action, the steps to take may not seem quite as apparent.

After all, being able to boost your immune system by way of the right foods isn’t exactly the same as simply eating healthful foods. Instead, you need to know the right healthful foods. There are some that are considerably better than others. (more…)

Healthy Holiday Meals to Stay on Track

Healthy Holiday Meals to avoid weight gainThe holiday season is a wonderful time for getting together with friends and family while keeping up old traditions and introducing new ones. Many of those traditions have to do with what we eat, but it can feel as though healthy holiday meals are few and far between. From fatty and salty dishes to sweet treats and evening cocktails, it can be a lot of fun until we get on the scale and see what damage has been done.

The key to getting healthy holiday meals right is not to try to scrap everything you’ve always loved every year. Instead, it is a matter of being reasonable about your portions and being especially careful about what you’re eating when you aren’t out celebrating. (more…)