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Reasons Why You Should Cut Sugar from Your Diet

Why Cut Sugar from Your DietConsuming too much sugar has serious effects on health, the most obvious one being massive weight gain. Refined sugar accelerates your insulin levels, disrupts your metabolism, and converts these empty calories into belly fat. If these reasons weren’t enough for you to cut sugar from your diet, here are some other reasons to reduce your sugar intake:

Elevated Blood Pressure
Eating sugar increases your weight. However, another thing that shoots up with prolonged sugar consumption is your blood pressure. (more…)

People Lose Weight Faster When Part of a Group

Lose Weight Faster as a groupIt is a well known fact that is scaring the world that obesity has now pushed tobacco down to number two and taken its place as the number one cause for heart diseases as well as many other terminal diseases. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Despite the movements that force clothes brands to hire plus size models instead of size zero models, it doesn’t diminish the fact that obesity is an epidemic that is spreading ever so fast. Keeping these facts in mind, wouldn’t you agree that losing weight is more important than ever, hard as it may be?

Losing weight is a journey that one does not necessarily need to make alone. Proven studies have shown that people striving in groups lose weight faster than those who follow the single weight loss path. (more…)

5 Nutrition Tips Only the Best Dietitians Will Tell You

Nutrition Tips from expertsEating healthfully is a very important part of an overall lifestyle that will help you to achieve proper weight maintenance, overall health and longevity. In essence, it will play a role in allowing you to look your best and feel great, as much as is humanly possible. However, actually knowing how to eat in the best way can be confusing. Using some of the top nutrition tips that were created by the experts can help to give you an advantage in knowing that you’re eating right…at least most of the time.

Keep in mind that truly great nutrition tips are usually those that are surprisingly simple to follow. (more…)