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How to Protect Your Spine From Injury During Workouts

Protect Your Spine From Injury during workoutsWhenever you exercise, you need to take steps to protect your spine from injury. Follow the tips below to ensure you’ll be able to keep your back safe at all times, whether you exercise at home or at the gym.

Avoid Rounding Your Back or Hyperextending

When you round the spine, you increase the amount of pressure that’s on the front of the spinal disks. This essentially moves the disks out of place and makes them susceptible to herniation. To protect your spine from injury, keep the abs pulled in, even when you’re doing a movement like a seated or standing forward fold, and focus on lengthening the spine rather than rounding it. (more…)

The Pressure to Be Thin is Leading Many Young Adults to Unhealthy Habits

Pressure to Be Thin and unhealthy habitsFor decades, young adults have been under a great deal of pressure to be thin. While some have pursued this goal through healthful eating and exercising among other lifestyle habits, this practice isn’t universal. The drive to achieve a smaller body and various specific attributes linked with the super skinny is sending young adults to take on unhealthy habits.

That pressure to be thin has traditionally sent young adults into various fad diets or to take scary pills such as ephedra and other dangerous and banned substances. However, the range of unhealthy habits being taken on by young adults is growing. These can be hazardous to both their physical and mental wellbeing.

The following are some of the things young adults are commonly doing in response to the pressure to be thin. (more…)

Why It’s the Best Time to Get Dedicated to Fitness

Time to Get Dedicated to FitnessHave you been thinking about starting a fitness routine, but you aren’t really sure when, where, or how to begin? Well, there’s no better time than right now to become dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle that will give you energy, boost your immune system, and allow you to build strength while losing weight and slimming down. So if you’ve been hesitating or you feel that you aren’t yet ready, continue reading to learn why now really is the best time to start.

There Are So Many Options to Choose From
If you never really dove into a fitness routine in the past because you were bored by the limited workout options, it is time to revisit the gym or check out the many streaming services that are available online if you prefer to work out at home. (more…)

How to Eat More and Lose Weight Doing It

how to eat more and lose weightRead nearly any book or online article about dieting and you’ll likely be advised to eat a smaller amount if you want to shed the excess weight. However, a growing body of research is indicating that the opposite may be true. It might be more effective to eat more and lose weight, provided you do it properly.

The issue behind the entire concept is that the human body isn’t as simple as the “energy in, energy out” concept we hear about so often. If that were the case, it would be possible to simply starve ourselves by eating nothing and we’d lose the weight in no time. (more…)