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Obesity Gene Does Not Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Obesity Gene and weight lossFor years, many of us – including a good part of the medical community – have suspected that there might be an obesity gene making it harder for some of us to lose weight. According to the results of a recent study, that might not be the case. In fact, the research found that people who have the gene linked with weight gain are just as likely to lose from a fat reduction strategy as those who don’t have it.

The research looked into whether or not an obesity gene would reduce the effectiveness of a healthful weight loss strategy. What it found was that diet-, exercise- and drug- based strategies to lose weight are equally beneficial to those with and without the gene. (more…)

Does Meal Size and Timing Really Matter for Weight Loss?

meal size and timing You’ve probably heard a lot about how to time out your meals and how to fix your portions to achieve optimal weight loss, but does meal size and timing really make a difference when it comes to weight loss? For the answer to this question, keep reading, especially if you’ve been struggling with shedding those extra pounds.

What Some Researchers Have Said
Most people are told to eat a big breakfast, a medium sized lunch, and a small dinner, but is there really any truth to this tactic in terms of its effectiveness at weight loss? Researchers wanted to answer this question, and they published their findings in the International Journal of Obesity. What they concluded is that, while there is some truth to this advice. (more…)

Fun Fitness Things to Do Outdoors in the Fall

Get active Outdoors in the Fall When the temperatures start to cool, heading outdoors in the fall can be one of the best times of year for fitness. After all, it takes longer to get overheated, the breeze is refreshing, but it isn’t yet too cold to be comfortable. For those of us with summer allergies, fall can provide fantastic relief.

Here are some fantastic things to do outdoors in the fall to boost fitness and have some fun:

Ride your bike – this is one of the greatest times of the year to get your bike out and cycle around. You can enjoy some time in the city or head out on the trails for a breath of nature. (more…)