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Why Gluten Free Eating Might Not be Healthiest for You

Unhealthy Myths About FoodEverywhere you go, you can find gluten free foods and you can hear and read about gluten free eating. While this diet has been around for quite some time now, and while it can benefit those who suffer from an intolerance to gluten, there are also reasons why gluten free eating may not really be the healthiest diet option for you. Keep reading so you can learn more and make the wisest dietary choices for your body.

Consider the Ingredients in Gluten Free Foods

One of the things that you need to consider when going on a gluten free diet is the fact that, because baked items like muffins, breads, and cakes will not have any gluten to hold them together, manufactures (as well as home bakers) will need to add other ingredients to make these foods.

Additives include stabilizing gums like guar gum and xanthan gum, as well as fibers like carboxymethylcellulose. And the flours that are used as substitutes for wheat based flours also tend to be highly refined. (more…)

New Study Shows Link Between Obesity and Id1 Protein

Obesity and Id1 Protein linkA new study recently identified a potential link between obesity and a protein called Id1. To understand that connection and how it impacts your life, it is important to understand certain things about the human body.

To start, you need to know that not all fat on your body is equal. It may all look the same to you on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a different story altogether. There are three main types of stored body fat which are nicknamed brown fat, white fat and beige fat, which is actually a combination of the first two. Each is found in a different part of the body and performs a different task. (more…)

Indoor Cardio Exercises for Rainy Days

Indoor Cardio ExercisesOn those rainy days when you can’t head outside for a bike ride or a run to get your cardio in, there are indoor cardio exercises that you can do instead. So, really, you have no excuse to not get active and burn more calories and fat to stay slim and healthy.

Check out the indoor cardio exercises below to start generating some ideas.

Use Your Stairs

If you live in a house that has stairs, take advantage of them, as they make for a great indoor cardio workout. By running up and down the stairs a few times, you will quickly get your heart rate up and strengthen your lower body muscles. (more…)

Why Preparing Meals for Weight Loss is a Huge Success Factor

Preparing Meals for Weight LossWhen you read top tips for losing weight, one of the things you’ll see time and time again is that preparing meals for weight loss can make a significant difference toward your success. There are many different reasons for this. In fact, preparation can make or break your efforts to stay on track and keep up your nutritious, flavorful meals and snacks.

Preparing meals for weight loss isn’t just a matter of chopping and slicing. It starts with understanding your food, knowing what you want to put in your body, and then taking the steps to make that happen. Remember that you need to take both nutrition and taste into account. Both enjoyment and nutrients are important to your health and your solid relationship with your food. (more…)

5 Safe and Flavorful Drink Options for Dieters

Drink Options for DietersJust because you are on a diet certainly does not mean that you can’t enjoy some delicious beverages. Check out the five safe and flavorful drink options for dieters below so you will never feel deprived as you work on slimming down.

1. Vegetable Juice

Unlike fruit juice, which is flavorful but also packed with sugar, making it a bad option for most dieters, vegetable juice boasts plenty of nutrients with half the calories. For example, there are 122 calories in a cup of orange juice, but there are just 41 calories in a cup of tomato juice. Just be careful, as veggie juice could be high in sodium, despite being lower in sugar than fruit juice, so you still need to make wise choices. Stick with juice that has pulp, as that will give you more fiber, too. (more…)

Is Aloe Vera Juice Really Good for You?

Aloe Vera Juice for weight lossThese days, it can feel like everyone is drinking aloe vera juice and specialty stores, magazines and celebrities all seem to be singing its praises. But is it really the best herbal weight loss supplement? Is it that good for you and can it truly live up to the hype? Or is this only the latest on a long list of other hyped foods that really aren’t quite as fantastic as everyone says they are?

Aloe vera juice is easily one of the most popular natural beverages at the moment. It can be purchased as a prepared juice, a powder or a gel.

That said, while aloe vera juice does indeed have a number of potential health benefits, it’s also important to know that it comes with possible drawbacks, too. It is important to look at both the good and the bad before you decide to get on board with this particular food craze. (more…)