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How Much Fat Do You Need During Weight Loss?

required fat during weight loss Understanding how much fat you need to eat every day in order to achieve the best rate of weight loss can feel like a confusing task. After all, we’ve all heard the outdated recommendations suggesting that a low fat diet is our best path to losing bodyweight. At the same time, we’ve all heard that we should be eating more “good fats” and that this can help us to better manage our weights.

But when we haven’t been paying much attention to how much fat we’ve been eating, it can seem difficult to find the answer. If you based your understanding on the weight loss products you see at the supermarket every week, it would be easy to think that less is more when it comes to dietary fats. However, recent studies have indicated that as long as you’re eating the right foods in the proper quantities, the fats you consume can give you an advantage for losing body mass. (more…)

How to Never Go Hungry When Dieting for Weight Loss

never go hungry when dieting to lose weightWould you believe it if someone were to tell you that you could lose weight and still never go hungry when dieting? Most people don’t. The reason is that the majority of people associate losing weight with having to eat a much lower amount of food – essentially starving yourself. However, this is not at all the case.

In fact, many weight loss experts are actually recommending that you make the effort to never go hungry when dieting because that type of strategy simply isn’t sustainable. Losing weight is mainly only beneficial if the healthy results can be maintained over the longer term. If you’re trying to stick to a brutal diet with intense calorie or food restrictions, the odds are that you’ll continually feel drawn to eat more. In those circumstances, any progress you make will be short term. (more…)

What is Hordenine HCl and Does it Help Dieters?

hordenine hcl informationAfter spending some time researching the top weight management supplements on the market, you likely came across the ingredient Hordenine HCl many times. What is this ingredient exactly? And is it safe to take? Will it really work at helping you lose weight? Check out the facts below to learn more about it. (more…)