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Stay Warm and Dry During Your Morning Run with These Cold Weather Hacks

stay warm and dry running in the coldFall is upon us and winter is following closely on its heels. For those who truly love to run in the morning, the weather doesn’t get in the way. That said, without preparing properly the cold, windy weather could take a lot of fun out of your favorite activity or could even put you at risk of hurting yourself.

Keep the joy in your morning runs and avoid getting injured at the same time by using the right cold weather hacks to stay cozy while you enjoy the fresh air, vitamin D and endorphins. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Focus on your hands, feet and ears – When your extremities get cold, you’re miserable. It may seem obvious to say that you should keep them warm when it’s cold out, but many people miss this step or don’t achieve it properly. (more…)

Benefits of L-Theanine as a Diet Pill Ingredient

Benefits of L-theanine in diet pillsL-theanine is a diet pill ingredient that has been gaining a great deal of traction in the weight loss industry following some positive results both in research and among people who are trying to lose weight. It is a naturally derived ingredient that is typically seen as beneficial in preventing weight gain when used with lifestyle including healthy eating and regular exercising.

This substance occurs naturally in green tea and is among the major bioactive ingredients within that superfood. L-theanine is an amino acid that is believed to help dieters through its function in the regulation of fat accumulation. Animal research and limited human studies have suggested that the proper use of this substance can help to suppress weight gain and inhibit the accumulation of body fat. (more…)

Fitness and Health Black Friday Deals 2017: What to Look For

fitness and health related black FridayWhen you love fitness and health, then Black Friday is your chance to really dive into this area and equip yourself with all the latest and greatest products, memberships and services to let you get even more out of your passion. Everything from gear to classes and from tech to accessories are all available to you at a fraction of the price you’d pay for it at any other time of the year.

That said, there are some items where you will find a better deal than others. This year, be ready with your list of the hottest health and fitness opportunities so you can start searching for discounts right from the get-go.

Consider some of the following areas where the top savings opportunities are expected to be available on Black Friday this year:

Barre – This is an extremely hot fitness category at the moment and companies offering products and services related to it are expected to offer spectacular deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. (more…)

Healthy Meal Ideas for Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

leftover Thanksgiving turkey ideasThere are a few things that we can always know for certain about Thanksgiving. The first is that “that” family member will say something that will cause the rest of the family to feel frustrated, embarrassed or completely baffled. The second is that everyone will eat way too much at dinner. The third is that there will be lots of leftover turkey to eat over the next few days.

For many families, the only option for leftover Thanksgiving turkey is re-heated turkey with re-heated leftover sides. Then, there is the traditional turkey hash that everyone has had at least once, whether they wanted to or not. Then there’s the turkey sandwich, which many of us make when we’ve pretty much given up on eating the same reheated meal yet again.

It’s such a shame that so many families have faced these boring leftovers year after year because turkey has a tremendous amount of potential. When it’s already cooked – as is the case with leftovers – the “hard part” is already done! (more…)

What Every Dieter Should Know Before They Buy Adipex Prescription Diet Pills

before buying adipex diet pillsAdipex is a highly prescribed diet drug for people who suffer from obesity and who need to reduce their body weight to lower their risk of certain serious health conditions. It is a brand name form of the generic medication known as Phentermine. That said, despite the fact that it is prescribed to millions of Americans every year, it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for everyone.

Before You Buy Adipex

There are a few things that any dieter should know about Adipex before heading to the pharmacy to fill that prescription. These include the following:

• Adipex won’t do the work for you – Although Adipex can be used as a helpful tool to improve the success of your diet, it won’t actually do all the work. You will still need to follow a diet that includes healthy, calorie controlled eating habits and regular fitness appropriate activities. If you don’t do these things, Adipex will be of little benefit to you as it is meant to help reduce your appetite, boost the fat loss resulting from exercise and increase your energy levels. (more…)

What to Do During Your Prescription Diet Pills Break

Prescription Diet Pills BreakMany people who suffer from obesity and who want to be able to use prescription weight loss drugs to help them to lose the excess weight don’t realize what that usage actually looks like. For instance, many people don’t know that there is a required break that must occur after every few weeks of use with several weight loss medications.

For instance, when using Phentermine (Adipex), the drug becomes gradually less effective as the user continues to take it. The body develops a tolerance to it, decreasing its effectiveness. Boosting the dosage is typically out of the question as it only raises the risk of severe and dangerous side effects as well as addiction and associated withdrawal symptoms.

Even if a doctor recommends that you continue using these medications for several months at a time, breaks every few weeks will be mandatory in order to keep up the effectiveness of the benefits while avoiding the potentially risky and rather unpleasant drawbacks. (more…)