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3 Things You Probably Don't Know About Asparagus

Facts About AsparagusEven though you’ve likely had it many times, there is probably a world of knowledge that you don’t actually know about asparagus. This veggie is a common favorite in springtime and is packed with nutrients but, strangely enough, most of us don’t really know much about it.

Before you head to the first farmers market this spring, find out a little bit about asparagus. You may discover that you’re suddenly far more interested in what you can do to include this veggie in your diet more often.

The following are some of the facts about asparagus that are the most interesting and yet least known. See if you’ve heard of these before and, if you have, give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven’t, you’ll be able to share a little bit of helpful trivia with your family the next time you serve it at dinnertime.

· Asparagus is believed to be helpful for hangover prevention – Many people believe that if you eat asparagus before consuming alcohol, it reduces your risk of hangover symptoms the next day. Most of the evidence supporting this life hack is anecdotal and scientific evidence is very limited. That said, many people swear by the effects of this vegetable for this purpose.

· Eating asparagus makes your urine smell funny, but you may not be able to smell it – There is a widespread belief that asparagus affects the odor of some people’s urine and not that of others. However, the truth is that it impacts everyone. However, not everyone has the gene necessary to smell it.

· Asparagus is often considered a superfood – This veggie is crammed full of nutrients and fiber. It’s one of the best foods to grab at the spring farmer’s market or even to grow in your own backyard garden. It’s a fantastic way to make sure any meal has a lot of nutrient punch. Your body will love you for adding it to the recipes and dishes you serve throughout the spring and early summer.

When you’re looking for a springtime veggie that you can buy locally and enjoy fresh with as many nutrients as possible, asparagus should certainly find its way to the top of your list. Consider trying it baked with olive oil and garlic for a very simple and flavorful dish. Alternately, it can be added to quiches or stews or can simply be steamed. Want a truly surprising flavor? Simply wash the stalks, cut off the lower woody end and break it up into a salad. They taste great raw, too!