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Signs That You're Addicted to Exercise

Are You Addicted to ExerciseAs a human being, you can become addicted to anything. Most of the time, people become addicted to things that give them some sort of favorable outcome, but that is not always the case. At times, addiction can cause some serious health problems, even when the source of addiction is supposed to be healthy. These days, a lot of folks are finding themselves addicted to exercise. Are you one of them?

There are several ways you can know whether or not you are addicted to exercise. To be able to tell, you will have to pay close attention to yourself and your progress, or lack thereof.

1. You’ve Built Up a Tolerance

If you find yourself having to work out for longer periods of time to get the same feelings or results, then you might have been pushing yourself too far for too long. Building up a tolerance happens during any addiction, and a dependence on working out is no different.

2. You Suffer from Withdrawals

When you are not at the gym or working out, how do you feel? Yes, exercise can release those mood-enhancing endorphins into your body, but working out too much can cause an addiction, believe it or not. If you find yourself suffering from withdrawals, then chances are you have been bitten by the workout addiction bug. Not to worry, though; there is plenty that you can do to get back on the right track, including taking a day off.

3. You Just Can’t Stop

Being addicted to exercise is no laughing matter. Those who consider themselves addicts might work out even when it is not beneficial to their health. Broken bones, sprains, cramps, and other physical issues don’t get in the way of the exercise addict. No, they would rather further the damage by heading to the gym for a workout, anyway. If this sounds like something you would do, you are probably addicted to exercise. Get help.

4. You Go Nonstop

Do you find yourself zooming off to the gym more so than you do anything else? You are most likely an addict, but that’s all right. Choose one day a week to do something else, but make it something that keeps you active. This plan will turn out to be a great alternative to working out while still ensuring that you stay fit and happy.