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The Risks Associated with Using Artificial Sweeteners while Dieting

Artificial Sweeteners while DietingThough it might be new information to you, you should understand why artificial sweeteners while dieting are never a good idea. It’s important to understand, first and foremost, that these are made up of substances that aren’t good for you in a variety of ways. Not only are they bad for you when it comes to weight loss but they are also harmful for your health in general. So while you may think that going for the sugar free and “diet” foods and beverages is the way to go during weight loss, this can really work against you. There are a number of reasons to avoid the artificial sweeteners that show up in multiple forms, and it’s time to get to the heart of the issue.

The first reason to avoid using artificial sweeteners while dieting is that they can actually cause you to gain weight. You turn to these “diet” foods and beverages because they are low in sugar, but they may actually be high in salt or other preservatives. They may use other ingredients to help imitate, or compensate for lack of, the sweet taste that sugar can provide, and these substitutes can show on your waistline. Add to this the fact that artificial sweeteners can actually cause you to feel hungrier. They can often mess with your blood sugar levels, metabolism, and even your hormones. Over the long-term, consuming too many artificial sweeteners can not only cause problems for your waistline but also damage your health and body.

Always Know Exactly What You Are Consuming

Though you may think that using artificial sweeteners while dieting makes the food or beverage enjoyable, be careful to read labels. Look for hidden sugar, salt, preservatives, and chemicals that can really alter your body’s composition in unpleasant ways. Understand what exactly you are putting into your body. You want to eat healthy, whole, and natural foods—and you won’t get that if artificial sweeteners are used to enhance the taste. You end up with “plastic,” processed foods that can really work against you. Try to eat natural and whole foods instead of only focusing on foods that have been processed and labeled for dieting purposes.

Though use of artificial sweeteners while dieting may seem like a smart idea, ignore the temptation. Be aware, too, that you often play a mind trick on yourself thinking that these foods or drinks are healthy and that, therefore, you can enjoy them in larger than normal quantities. If you consuming more than you should, you will end up in a worse position than before, no matter what food you’re eating. Ignore the temptation to go for these chemically altered foods and drinks, and focus instead on whole foods. Artificial anything is never good for you, so simply return to basics; you will lose weight and feel great in the process.