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How to Quickly Build a Strong Core

Build a Strong Core fastEveryone wants a better core, but do you really know what that really means? Though we may all do our best to try to lose weight and get ripped abs, your core is about much more than that. Many of us tend to focus a great deal of effort on cardio as we are sure that it will help us to burn fat, but you have to take it a step further than that. You need to ensure that you are helping your body burn fat, but also that you’re adding muscle. This is particularly important with your midsection. In order to build a strong core, you have to be sure that you are including the whole body in the act and performing the right movements.

The reality is that much of this emphasis is centered around exercise, but it’s about more than that in the long term view. You need to be sure that you are eating the right foods too. If you eat salty, sugary, or fattening foods then this will work against you and add flab where you really want muscle. You also need to learn how to take better care of yourself, and that starts with learning how to manage your stress. If you want to enjoy the results of this then you have to learn that stress can work against that strong core that you are working so hard to get. Though exercise may be at the heart of a good lifestyle for a stronger core, it’s also about the big picture view and how you learn to take better care of yourself that matters too.

If you want to build a strong core, as so many of us do, then you have to take the right approach to all of this. It’s not just about sit ups, so learn what to do to make this your strongest feature.

Focus on the core as a whole: The thing to remember is that the abs are part of the core, but not all of it. Your core is all about the upper, middle, and lower abs, and about your lower back too. It also includes all of the muscles around it, as well as the glutes in the big picture view. You need movements and exercises that will target the core as a whole, and not just focus on the abs, as so many programs out there promote. Be certain that you think through each of the individual parts that contribute to this, and then use this to help you create a program that gets the abs, the back and the glutes in on the action for a full core workout.

Add more strength training: It’s not just about cardio for burning and shedding fat, though that does matter in the long term. You need to be sure that if you want to build a strong core you add in a strength component. This will help to go deep into the muscle tissue and enhance the core. It will help you to get that definition that you want, and strength training may actually also help you shed fat just as much as cardio. For the best results be sure that you are adding the two components together for a truly powerful recipe for that strong and sexy core!

Take a more comprehensive approach rather than spot training: Many of us are tempted to turn to spot training, such as nonstop situps, if we want to lose weight and build a more powerful core, but this is a mistake. You need movements that get the whole body in on the act, and then you may also emphasize the core as part of this. Think of movements such as planks, mountain climbers, deadlifts, squats, and power cleans as a part of this approach. You may have cardio intervals, but the strength component and overall body approach will help you tremendously.

Practice proper form and use the right tools: This is a very fragile part of the body, particularly when you recognize that the back is part of this. That being said, you want to be sure that you are using proper form so that you get results without injuries. You want to enlist the help of weights but also a stability ball and even a bosu ball to help challenge this part of the body in the right way. This is how to build a strong core and ensure that you do so safely and in a way that will push you in a whole new way that ensures results!