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Ways to Burn More Calories Riding a Bike

how to burn more calories riding a bikeDo you find yourself getting angry at your fitness tracker because you’re not getting nearly the calorie burn from cycling than you are from running? It’s not the tracker’s fault. You may simply need to learn how to burn more calories riding a bike than you currently do.

Think of your bicycle as any other piece of exercise equipment. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of it, you need to use it properly. Therefore, to burn more calories riding a bike, you need to use that equipment in the right way.

The following tips will help you burn more calories riding a bike the next time you head out:

• Keep pedaling

Pedaling is essentially your one way of burning calories when you’re cycling. So if you’re coasting along, you’re not doing much more than sitting. If you’re riding downhill or sailing along a flat surface, change gears so you can continue pedaling without propelling yourself to a terrifying speed. Continuing to pedal will keep your heart rate going as well as your fat burning.

• Eat properly

Some people will eat a big meal before riding with the intention of burning it off. Others will fast before cycling with the hope of burning calories. When all is said and done neither of those techniques have been proven to work in reputable studies. If you eat too much beforehand, or if you don’t eat enough, you’ll hurt your performance. Instead, eat a light, carb-heavy meal before your ride so you’ll have fast, usable energy to burn through. Then, after your ride, eat another light meal made of lean protein so you’ll have what your body needs to repair your muscle and recover from the workout (as well as kill your appetite so you won’t be likely to overeat). This way, you won’t feel sluggish from eating too much and you won’t risk weakness, fatigue or even fainting from eating too little.

• Change routes

If you continually ride the same distance along the same route, you’ll limit the benefits your body can gain. As soon as your fitness level reaches the point that your ride is easy, you’re not being challenged anymore and the cardio benefits plummet. Once your route isn’t challenging you anymore, change it up. Add more hills, ride longer, or go faster (as long as it’s safe to do so).

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