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Are Carbs Really the Enemy?

Are Carbs Really The EnemyYou hear it time and time again, but can it really be true—are carbs really the enemy? The important thing to remember with any of these crazes out there is that there is conflicting information for a reason. We started to see carbs become a problematic food when certain diets came to the forefront. When you heard about the Atkin’s Diet or even the South Beach Diet, it was all about cutting out carbs in any form. You were told that you shouldn’t eat carbs for they introduced elements that you didn’t need which could cause you to gain weight. For so long we all believed this and therefore we thought that we needed to avoid them, but this may not be the entire truth overall.

If you ask yourself the question are carbs really the enemy you have to consider that there are different types. Sure eating white bread is never going to be good for you, and that’s at the basis of so much of this hype. When you eat products like white bread, white pasta, and white rice you are getting no nutritional value. These simple carbohydrates actually cause your blood sugar to spike to help you to feel a good jolt for a little while. Just a short period of time later though you feel hungry and sluggish as that “high” wears off. So if you are trying to avoid carbs, it’s all about staying away from these simple carbs that will always hold you back.

You Simply Need To Focus On The Right Types of Carbs

If you ask the question overall though are carbs really the enemy then you have to consider that there’s a whole other type of them out there. Whole grains which includes brown rice, true whole grain breads and cereals, whole wheat pasta, and even grains such as quinoa, oats, and barley are actually good for you. They have fiber and nutrients to them so they are actually healthy choices. Not only that but they slow digestion and therefore help you to feel full for longer. You won’t eat as much afterwards and you will feel satisfied, and they give you energy in the right way. So making the switch is truly what it’s all about!

So are carbs really the enemy? No, it’s simply a matter of making the right choices. Forget about the simple carbs that give you no nutritional value and actually hurt your health. Switching to true whole grains and learning to read labels for hidden carbs is what it’s all about. If you eat healthy and natural foods that come from the earth with little to no processing, then you are going to enjoy the right type of carbs. Fruits, true whole grains, and products that are natural and pure along these lines are the right way to go. So yes you can have carbs, but it’s all about embracing the right types of them to be your best.