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Regular Exercise Helps Control Food Cravings Through Blood Sugar

Exercise to Control Food Cravings

Do you struggle to be able to control food cravings? If so, you might find that your gym membership is about to become your best friend.

Research has shown that diet has a considerably larger impact on the ability to lose weight than exercise. That said, if you keep up the right exercise, you may be able to better control food cravings driving what you eat. This outcome of new research indicates that exercise may be regaining its status in the dieting world.

Which Exercises Best Control Food Cravings

Both weight training and cardio workouts have their own calorie burning benefits. Cardio workouts are known to be the biggest calorie burners while you’re doing them and for a few hours to follow. That said, weight training builds muscle and muscle burns more energy, which means that a strong body will burn more calories.

That said, a Duke University study showed that cardio workouts may also provide additional assistance beyond simply burning calories to get rid of belly fat. This type of exercise also provides you with a better ability to control food cravings. Resistance training remains great for bettering strength and enhancing lean body mass to naturally burn through calories regardless of whether or not you’re exercising at the time.

How Often To Exercise

Most official recommendations are to get at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym, but it does mean you need to be active. Most days of the week should include cardio workouts, but a day or two of strength training and a couple of days of recovery training – such as yoga or Pilates – is also recommended.

Most recommendations state the five days of cardio per week for a total of 150 minutes is most recommended. To stay healthy, you shouldn’t go more than two days in a row without exercising. If you keep up this amount of exercise, it can help to control food cravings at the same time.

That way, if you do some kind of activity every day, you’ll be better armed to control food cravings. Even if you aren’t motivated to exercise for the calorie burning it can provide, the ability to stop yourself from falling victim to the wrong food choices. It will not only be healthier for you, but it can help you to burn more calories and stop eating too many at the same time.