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Is a Custom Weight Loss Plan the Key to Success?

Is a Custom Weight Loss Plan Important?

New research has examined the difference a custom weight loss plan can make when compared to the benefits of following a more cookie-cutter approach to achieving that goal.  Traditional programs have proven inconsistent in their effectiveness not only in helping people to lose unwanted pounds but particularly in stopping them from returning.

Custom Weight Loss Plan Research

The research was conduced in the UK and was found that while the majority of adults suffering from obesity have attempted to drop some of the pounds – typically via diets or exercise strategies – most have been unable to achieve their goals and keep the weight from returning. The findings of the research were presented in early May at the European Congress on Obesity

They determined that conventional exercise programs and calorie-controlled diets aren’t helpful to overweight and obese patients when compared to a custom weight loss plan including supplements, pharmaceutical treatments and/or bariatric surgery.

The researchers called for better support and improved solutions for helping people to manage their weight.

This is Nothing New

Doctors and patients have known for years that a custom weight loss plan is considerably more effective – particularly over the long term – than cookie-cutter programs that make the same recommendations for every dieter.

Strategies that make the same recommendations for everyone simply aren’t as effective as custom weight loss plans chosen specifically for an individual based on their lifestyle, preferences, and medical histories. Moreover, added support is beneficial in establishing habits to keep the added pounds from returning. This can include prescriptions or surgery for obesity patients, or the support of FENFAST diet pills for overweight dieters.

Dieting Isn’t Easy

Establishing new lifestyle habits isn’t easy. Even when a custom weight loss plan has been developed, it still requires changes to be made in our daily lives.  While this could mean small tweaks to many areas for one person, it might mean overhauling certain activities or habits for another person.  In either case, setting up these habits and keeping them up over time can be quite challenging.

By making sure a strategy was created specifically with you in mind, and with the right tools to support those efforts along the way, the odds of success increase substantially. For some people, this means combining their efforts with obesity drugs or surgeries. For others, over-the-counter diet pills with benefits reducing the challenge associated with building these healthy lifestyle habits can be just what is needed to make the difference.