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Dangerous Exercise Programs You Should Avoid

Dangerous Exercise Programs to AvoidGetting into better shape often requires that you do some things that are not comfortable, or at the very least some things that are difficult. However, there are some dangerous exercise programs that you should avoid at all costs if possible. Regardless of the fact that getting in shape takes a lot of hard work, you should not have to wreck one part of your body to improve another.

Things to Look Out For

When you are choosing the right exercise program for you or a loved one, you will need to first consider a few things. Doing so is the first step to being as safe as possible at the gym. Look out for exercises or workout programs that require any of the following:

1 – Unnatural movement patterns

If your workout requires you to move your bodies that feel more than just a bit weird or awkward from newness, the odds are you’re facing dangerous exercise programs. It’s true that new workouts can feel odd when you first start doing them.  But there is a difference between feeling as though you are uncoordinated and feeling as though you’re forcing your body in directions it shouldn’t go. Be very wary of movements that aren’t natural to your strength level or to the way your joints were meant to bend or extend.

2 – Movements or positions that cause excessive pain

Indeed, there are some workouts that can take you outside the realm of comfort.  Everything from lifting weights to yoga poses can push you to your healthy limits. That said, there’s a difference between that feeling of using your muscles to their maximum level and hurting yourself by pushing yourself to where you shouldn’t go. If you’re unsure, err to the side of safety. Practice your new movements gradually, never pushing yourself to the point that the pain is very strong.  That will allow you to get to know the movements and if they’re appropriate for you.

3 – Exercises that increase pre-existing muscular or skeletal imbalances

A good healthy workout is one that works your body in a symmetrical and balanced way.  What you do to one side of your body, you will also do to the other side in an equal way. This may be done simultaneously or later on in the same session. That said, if you have a pre-existing muscular or skeletal imbalance, it’s very important to take this into account. Dangerous exercise programs fail to alter the design of workouts or individual moves. This is a hazardous mistake that can make your physical discomforts much worse or could even lead to injury. Imbalances should be taken seriously. When they’re not, the results can be disastrous.

4 – Flexibility requirements outside your usual range of motion

Dangerous exercise plans direct you as though all bodies are equal. They’re not.  You have your own natural range of motion and that may not be the same as someone else’s. After all, do the majority of us feel we could bend the same way as a trained ballet dancer? Of course not. It’s because we all have different shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ranges of motion. Pushing yourself beyond your natural movement range is only setting yourself up to get hurt.

5 – Any workout that features a greater number of physical risks than benefits

When it comes down to it, your benefits for any workout need to greatly outweigh potential risks. If you risk hurting yourself leading to pain, setbacks and possible long-term injury recovery, it’s not worth it. Leave those dangerous exercise plans in the past.

These are all pretty clear signs of dangerous exercise programs. Knowing the common characteristics can help you to avoid getting involved in a regimen that could cause your body undue harm. Of the most popular workouts being done, there are two that are more dangerous than people give them credit for:

No More Pulling the Weight Bar Behind your Head

There are a lot of people who still do this lateral pull-down workout, but it is not exactly the best idea. In fact, this particular exercise puts a lot of pressure on your shoulder joints, not to mention your neck. Luckily, it is not a difficult task to find an effective lateral exercise that is not as dangerous to your overall health. Talk to your personal trainer or a certified fitness specialist for more information.

Hold Off on the Hovering Leg Lifts

Laying on the floor to let your legs hover may be great for the abs, but it can put incredible strain on your back. Over time, this weakening process could ultimately lead to injury. Regardless of the effectiveness for your abdominal muscles, the cost of participating in this dangerous exercise programs greatly outweighs the benefits. It should not be that hard to find more effective and safer ways to work out your ab muscles. It is time to push the pause button on the hovering leg lifts, at least until you speak with a professional.