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Easy Exercise Tips to Get Results Injury-Free

Easy Exercise Tips to Avoid Injury

It seems as though it should be simple to do a workout without getting hurt and with these easy exercise tips, it can be. That said, if you haven’t been active in a while, or if you’re thinking that your body will react the same way to exercise as it did back when you were ten years old and ran or biked everywhere, you are setting up for an unpleasant surprise.

Use these easy exercise tips to gain the spectrum of physical, mental, emotional and even social health benefits from regular activity. At the same time, keep yourself injury-free to avoid pain or the need to stop working out while you heal up!

Check Out These Top Easy Exercise Tips

Pay Attention to Your Body

While you may love to zone out by listening to music or even watching TV while you exercise, don’t stop paying attention to your body. Listen to what your body is telling you and register how your workout makes you feel. If something doesn’t feel right, stop doing it until you can talk to a doctor or personal trainer to be sure you’re not doing something that could hurt you.

Pace Yourself

When you absolutely love exercising – or you’re driven to get results – it’s easy to want to push yourself as hard as you can every single day. That said, one of the best easy exercise tips you can listen to is to pace yourself. Use at least one day every week for a recovery. If you find yourself experiencing pain when you exercise, continue taking recovery days until the pain is gone.

Choose Variety

Doing the same workout every day won’t have nearly as much benefit to you as changing your workouts each day. Moreover, you’ll need less recovery time if you’re not using the same muscles in the same way every day. Try other forms of exercise such as sports, yoga, pilates and others until you find several options you can keep up every week.


When you’re exercising, even if you’re not yet out of breath and sweating buckets, you’re still losing a lot of water. You lose it from even the smallest amount of sweat and from breathing more heavily. Drink water before your workout, during, as well as afterward, to keep hydrated. This is a great one among easy exercise tips that will help you to avoid injury and to stay healthy, too.