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Why Fast Weight Loss Isn’t Your Healthy Goal

Fast Weight Loss is Not the Goal

Being on a diet isn’t fun, so fast weight loss always seems as though it should be the natural goal. After all, the more quickly it can be done and over with, the sooner we can get on with our regular lives, right? Unfortunately, while it may seem that we should just be able to focus on dropping the pounds as rapidly as possible, that aim will usually only work against us.

Fast Weight Loss Comes with Problems and Side Effects

Aiming for fast weight loss will typically come with a strong of problems for managing your weight in the long-term.  Not only that, but it also comes with a bevvy of side effects and other problems.  Your doctor isn’t just trying to annoy you or hold you back when they tell you that steady and gradually burning away fat is the way to go.  There are important reasons for this recommendation.

Still, it’s hard to keep this in mind. None of us wants to focus on restricting our food all the time.  And when we want to treat ourselves with a snack cake, we’re really not pleased with the thought that we’ve already had enough, so it will need to wait for another day.  As a result, we tend to want to get fast weight loss over with so we can live a far less restricted life.  We want our clothes to fit, we want to feel good, and we want to go back to eating normally, and we want it right now.

The issue is that fast weight loss beyond a certain point will cause side effects and will even throw off our body’s metabolism, making it harder to lose but easier to gain. That’s hardly the result we want!

How Quickly Can We Safely Burn Fat?

If you want to know exactly what level of fast weight loss you can aim to achieve without changing your body in negative ways, it’s best to speak with your doctor.  They will let you know that fad and crash diets are simply not your best choice, of course. But they will also help you to know specifically how many weekly pounds you can lose without leading to perfectly avoidable setbacks. 

According to Cleveland Clinic data, about 95 percent of dieters who aren’t thinking long-term will regain the pounds they lost. This helps to explain why yo-yo dieting is so common.  Dropping pounds too rapidly isn’t setting a sustainable lifestyle. As a result, when those behaviors come to a stop, the pounds rapidly climb back on.  Even worse is that the damage to the metabolic rate can mean that the pounds come back faster than they otherwise might have. If that metabolism issue remains, it can also mean that it will be tougher to lose the excess body fat the next time an attempt is made.

As a rule of thumb, the most rapid level of fast weight loss we should aim to achieve is about 1 to 2 pounds per week.  That said, a slower process might be preferable, provided it is through a sustainable lifestyle that will be kept up over years.

Establishing that type of sustainable lifestyle isn’t always easy, but tools like FENFAST 375 diet pills can support your efforts to build healthy new habits you’ll keep up for years to come.