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Fexaramine: The Diet Pill That Acts Like an Imaginary Meal

Fexaramine informationWhen you hear of a drug like Fexaramine you will likely dismiss it as too good to be true. Though it is still very much a drug in its infancy, there is great hope that turning to this particular drug may help with weight loss in an exciting new way. What if you could get the illusion that you feel full midway through a meal? What if somehow your brain could trick your stomach into thinking that you’ve already eaten enough early on? Getting to the heart of what happens when you eat enough is what lies behind this drug, and scientists are very hopeful for the initial findings. Though they warn that much work still has to be done on bringing this drug to market, many are looking closely at what may be expected out of this revolutionary new diet pill.

So the idea behind Fexaramine is rather simple in nature—trick the body into believing it is full before it really is. That’s exactly why this drug has been dubbed the “imaginary meal” because it is serving as just that. When you take this pill it tricks the body into believing that you have just eaten an entire meal and that you are satisfied. This all derives from the signals that your brain sends to the rest of the body when it feels full. This is of course a key process to losing weight and learning to control portions, and therefore listening to your body. So by taking this diet pill your brain gets the signal that you are full, even when you’ve eaten very little or nothing. That being said, you clearly don’t eat as much and you lose weight due to an extensive calorie cutting at the core.

Great Help With Weight Loss But Also Health Problems Too

There’s even better news associated with Fexaramine. To some, it is being hailed as one of the best new drugs to potentially hit the market. Not only can it help you to eat less and therefore lose weight, but it may also help with other health problems as well. This is a drug that has evidence that it can help to lower cholesterol levels significantly. It is also being looked at for its role in helping to control blood sugar levels, which may be associated with obesity, diabetes, or even just as a standalone health problem. So though it may be marketed as a diet pill first and foremost, it may offer additional health benefits which make it truly comprehensive in nature.

So though Fexaramine is still in the early stages and there is much work to do, this could offer tremendous help to those trying to lose weight. It can offer help by telling the body that you are full, even when you haven’t eaten anything at all. This helps you to control portions and learn to really eat less which is at the heart of so many obesity problems. This “imaginary meal” can stimulate the brain to send signals that you are full even when you haven’t consumed anything. Knowing that it may help you to control portions and also ensure that you don’t eat too much within a day is great news on its own. The fact that it may also help to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels makes it one of the most looked at drugs, and many are anxiously awaiting it coming to market for all of these reasons.