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5 of the Most Handy Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

fitness apps for iphone and androidJust when you thought you were aware of everything, technology surprises you with something new. There are even fitness apps for your iPhone and Android that will follow you and hold your hand, yell at you and even motivate you through your workouts. Here we will discuss and introduce to you to the most handy fitness apps for the iPhone and Android. It is a great thing for your fitness routine when you can literally carry around your fitness plan with you. There are several choices in the types of fitness apps to enjoy, depending on what you are intending to do.

There are apps for losing weight in the way of counting calories and even apps to help you create your grocery list. They have support apps to help you get instant ingredients from food labels of your favorite things to eat. There are are apps to count your steps and even yell at you when you have gotten off track. they have apps to motivate you by talking affirmations to you about your successes and if you are a competitive or a people person, you will want the community app. This is an app that allows you to talk to others and even compete with them or will give you exercises to compete against yourself.

Why you should have a fitness app:

We have all learned how unmotivating going to a gym can be. So, we need something right there–strapped to our hip–to be there when we need it to be. Because we are so addicted to our technology–we are twice as likely to be a success with our weight loss goals if we have it in front of us just as we do everything else.

The 5 most handy fitness apps for the iPhone and Android:

  1. Endomondo is a fitness app for those that run, walk or bike to track your steps and your progress, compete with others or yourself with this fun and easy to use app.
  2. Instant heart rate pro is a heart rate tracker. It will read your heart and pulse rate and tell you how to strengthen your heart rate and track your progress.
  3. Movement tracker free is an app that can track your movements, steps and distance. This is a smart app that can automatically sense when you are walking, running or biking.
  4. Zombie run is a fun interactive fitness app that tells you when you are about to be overtaken by zombies. It changes the story and keeps you motivated to run at different intervals as you take on the adventure.
  5. Map My Ride is a great little tracker that will track all your movements but it will track the actual terrain you are on and according to that you will be told how many calories you burned etc…

These are the most handy and fun fitness apps you can find.