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Get Fit Over the Holidays With These Make-Sense Tips

Get Fit Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a very busy time, so it may seem as though it’s the worst moment to try to get fit. That said, it can prove to be a fantastic time to use make-sense tips to squeak fitness into even the busiest lifestyle. Finding time to be active in December lets you look past your busy schedule and the colder weather so you can make a priority of your wellness.

Use the following common sense tips to get fit and stay that way during the holiday season. This will help you to release your stress, manage your weight and even remain more productive when you’re at your busiest.

Make Efforts to Get Fit a Part of Your Schedule

Schedule your physical activity in advance. Just like you’d schedule an appointment, add your efforts to get fit to your calendar. Make them a non-negotiable item. Treat them like something important so you won’t cancel them and do something else instead. You might find that if you do a quick workout – even 15 minutes – first thing in the morning, you’ll have it over with and will still get just as much done during the rest of your day as you usually would.

In fact, you may find that a workout first thing in the morning will warm you up for the rest of the day. Add another 15 minute workout to your lunch hour or immediately after work, and you’ll fire yourself back up. Quick workouts are energizing and this can help you to make sure you don’t run out of steam before everything gets done.

Choose Easy Activities to Get Fit During the Holidays

At this time of year, nobody needs more complexity. Don’t try to achieve exceptional goals in December when you already feel you’re scrambling to keep up. Instead, choose something you can easily accomplish but that will still be challenging enough to make a difference. A brisk walk, a favorite yoga video, or a strength training routine you know very well will all do the trick. Don’t forget additional mini-workouts you can do simply by parking farther away in the parking lot or by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Dancing to holiday music while you complete your chores around the house is also a fun and available option.

Build New Healthy Traditions to Get Fit

While everyone is together, build some new traditions to get fit and healthy in December. What about a walk around your neighborhood after dinner to enjoy the fresh air and check out the Christmas lights? Check out a different part of your neighborhood each evening to keep things interesting.