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5 Smart Holiday Gifts That Promote Health

Holiday Gifts That Promote Health and FitnessThis year, instead of just buying someone another tie or another gift card, consider gifts that promote health. Show someone you really care about them by giving them a gift that will help with their wellbeing and longevity.

The following are 5 great gifts that promote health for you to add to your holiday shopping list this year. They’re not only helpful but they’re also affordable and practical, which means that they’ll be great for the recipient and your wallet.

1. A fitness tracker – these nifty devices are extremely popular and help you to conveniently monitor many parts of your health. This can include everything from the number of steps you take to the amount of quality sleep you get at night. Many of the apps compatible with these devices also let you track your food and water consumption each day. This is an automatic and simple way to give someone an understanding of their daily habits and the motivation to improve them.

2. A filtered water bottle – drinking more water isn’t necessarily an environmentally friendly activity. Many people hate the taste of tap water but don’t want to continually buy disposable plastic water bottles because they are devastating to the environment. The solution many people are now enjoying is a reusable water bottle with a filter built right in. This helps to purify the water and its taste while going with you wherever you go.

3. A veggie spiralizer – this crazy little kitchen gadget is one of the best gifts that promote health because they easily make veggies more fun for both adults and children to eat. When you turn a beet, a squash, a carrot or a zucchini into spaghetti-like noodles, you can easily make sure you have eaten the right number of servings of vegetables every day while reducing your intake of white flour-based foods.

4. A personal blender – a small countertop blender that makes smoothies one cup at a time is a great way to encourage the consumption of more fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and spinach, while drinking less soda or milkshakes.

5. A diet pill – this may seem like a very different gift, but FenFast 375 might make the perfect gift for someone who is working to control weight with healthy lifestyle changes. The extra energy, healthy metabolism support and focus enhancement this product offers can help a dieter to see the types of results they’ve been struggling to achieve but know can be possible.