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Are Green Supplements Really Good for You?

Green Supplements and healthGreen supplements in the form of powders and pills are extremely hot in today’s health and wellness market. However, the main problem that is associated with these products is that there is a tremendous amount of misinformation that is continually circulated about the level of difference they can make to the improvement of a person’s health and the way in which they should be used in order to achieve these types of gains.

The advertisements about most green supplements suggest that using them can provide a quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting all your fruits and veggies for the day.

This comes with a great deal of appeal as many people struggle to be able to get the right number of fruits and vegetables into their daily meals. By supplementing them, the hope is that people won’t miss out on their nutrition and will be able to enjoy all the benefits of eating clean and in a balanced way.

That said, for every true positive claim about green supplements, there is at least one false one in circulation.

What is the truth? When used properly, they can actually help a person to keep their dietary health headed in a positive direction. However, when used incorrectly, they can actually do far more harm than good. There is a chance that they could sabotage efforts to grow or maintain muscle and can even spike insulin sensitivity. Remember that just because something is green, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthful, exactly what you need, or appropriate in any dose.

If there is anything you should remember about these green powders and pills, it’s that they are neither a replacement for eating whole foods in the form of fruits and vegetables, nor are they a replacement for your multivitamin if one has been recommended by your doctor. Regardless of whether or not you take greens, you still need to eat the right number of servings of veggies every day and you should speak with your doctor about the types of multivitamin you should continue to take.

That said, while you’re talking to your doctor, you may want to talk about whether or not you should be taking greens, as these supplements may actually provide you with additional benefits such as boosting your nutrition on top of what you’re already eating and it may also help to restore the pH balance to your body.