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Use These 5 Powerful Healthy Eating Tips to Feel Incredible This Year

Healthy Eating Tips to Feel Great

Now that the holiday season is solidly behind us, it’s time to focus on the right healthy eating tips to get us back to where we know we should be – or even to arrive there for the first time.  It’s true that very few New Year’s resolutions fail, but that doesn’t stop a promise to take better care of ourselves from being more than possible. It doesn’t have to be a resolution. Instead, it’s a gradual process of self-improvement.

Jumpstart that Self-Improvement Process with Healthy Eating Tips

By using the right healthy eating tips, you can help to make sure your year starts off in a great direction and only continues to get better. It’s tempting to want to overhaul everything right from the start, but this is exactly the type of reason that most New Year’s resolutions fail. It’s just not a sustainable strategy.

Instead, it’s a better idea to work gradually, incorporating healthy eating tips over time so you can give yourself the chance to build great nutrition habits without becoming overwhelmed.  If anything, you should resolve this year to dump the all or nothing approach.  Instead, have a look at these much more realistic suggestions and work on them in your own time. The results will unfold naturally.

Use These Healthy Eating Tips for Sustainable Results

Here are some healthy eating tips you can use to help ensure you’ll keep up your progress and will avoid giving up on yourself.

1 – Concentrate on How You Feel, Not Your Appearance

It’s time to stop attempting to transform your body into something it isn’t. Instead, honor your body’s needs. Nourish it. Treat it well. From there, your appearance will change. It will become a healthier, fitter version of who you are now. But you’re beautiful both ways.  Concentrate on the feeling the foods bring you.

2 – Open Your Eyes to What Diet Culture is Doing to You

This one is hard to see because it’s all around us and always has been. Diet culture is always pressuring us to try paleo or keto or other types of fads. They encourage us to make extreme changes instead of providing healthy eating tips for overall wellness and self-care. Skip the fads and focus on nourishing and honoring yourself instead.

3 – Take Baby Steps

You don’t need to turn your entire kitchen upside down to take on healthy eating habits. In fact, trying to achieve perfection in every snack and meal will likely do more harm than good. That’s a sustainable strategy for only a microscopic percentage of people. Instead, start small. Tell yourself you’ll have a vegetable with every dinner. Or make a piece of fruit your afternoon snack every day.  Then, once that habit is in place, add another one.  You’ll already have done something on your own behalf. It means you’ll continually improve in a way you can keep up.

4 – Plan Ahead

Never ever trust your choices when your belly is already grumbling. Your hormones and low energy levels will be working in direct opposition to what you know is your nutrition goal. Instead, plan ahead. Get ready for meals and snacks by knowing what you’ll make – or having something already made.  Start by doing this a day in advance but build up to a week. That way, you can ensure that after one grocery shop per week, you’ll have everything you need for everything you want to make. No extra trips needed, no excuses.  Sticking to a shopping list will also save you a small fortune on your bill!

5 – Focus on Fruits and Vegetables You Love the Most

Don’t use these healthy eating tips to start depriving yourself of the foods you love. Instead, focus on your favorite nutritious foods first. If you love apples, buy lots of them so you can have them as your snack, on your breakfast, or even as your dessert. Start with a foundation of what you know you love. From there, you can start experimenting with new ingredients to learn how to prepare the ones you’re not wild about in a way you’ll find delectable, or to try out all new dishes you’ve never had before.