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Post-Holiday Tips: Easy Ways to Hide Holiday Weight

How to Hide Holiday Weight Post-holiday weight gain makes everyone want to hide under the blankets or, worse, under large baggy clothes so that no one can notice a difference and comment on it. However, if you dress smartly using these simple ways to hide holiday weight, you will be able to fool people into thinking you have been able to evade the holiday gain:

For Ladies

Women are at an advantage as they can play up their hair and appearance using cosmetics, making them look smaller without anyone noticing. Here are several easy ways to hide holiday weight for women:

1. Contour

Using a brown shadow or blush, contour the cheekbones so that your face will look angular and, as a result, slimmer. Contouring can be done by pulling in your cheekbones and dusting brown shadow in a subtle way across the hollow that is created in the cheeks.

2. Straighten Your Hair or Get Side-Swept Bangs

If you have one of those faces that tend to get rounder when you gain a few pounds, opt for side-swept bangs since they create the illusion of a smaller face. Straightening your hair will have a similar effect.

3. Opt for Smaller Pattern

Wearing a dress that has large prints in order to draw the attention away from your body is not a good idea. Large-print dresses make a person look not only stuffed but also older than she is.

4. Dress Your Size

Hiding under baggy clothes or trying to fit into your older, size-too-small clothes is going to end up in a dressing disaster. Opt for clothes that are your size so that you can feel comfortable without drawing too much attention to your body.

5. Long Sleeves

If you find that your arms get chubbier after holidays due to all the water weight, go for dresses or tops that have long, graceful sleeves. The exposed skin will draw attention while long sleeves give the illusion of long lines, making your arms look sleek.

For Men

Men, as pointed out before, are at a certain disadvantage when it comes to hiding holiday weight since they do not have that many choices. However, don’t let this discourage you. Using these simple ways to hide holiday weight, you can look sharp no matter how much you indulged over the holidays.

1. Vertical-Striped Formal Shirts

Vertical stripes give the illusion of straight lines, so opt for lined formal shirts that will help you look smart and crisp at all times.

2. Darker Slacks

If your legs feel and look heavier than before the holidays, opt for darker slacks as they will hide all the extra weight, giving you a slimmer appearance.

3. No Tight Clothing

In order to look slim, do not go for your smaller or pre-holiday-size shirts—or a baggy shirt, either, for that matter. Dressing your own size will help you look sharp and feel that way, too.

Therefore, don’t fret over the weight gain and how you will look once you are ready to face the world. Using these easy ways to hide holiday weight, you are equipped to look and feel great even before working off the extra pounds.