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How to Improve Lung Capacity for Better Workouts

Improve Lung Capacity tipsMany power packed exercises require you to intake large amounts of air. There are ways through which you can improve lung capacity and the efficiency with which it absorbs oxygen. We share some of these exercises that will increase your lung capacity and help you perform as many rigorous workouts as you want:

Breathing Out

Start by standing on a flat surface and bow down to your waist. Loosen up your knees and exhale as hard as you can. Inhale as you slowly come back up. When you feel your lungs are full of air, hold your breath for 20 seconds. Keep counting and extend your hands over your head. Relax and slowly lower your arms. This should be repeated at least 4 times to improve lung capacity.

Breathe Oriental

Start by taking in three breaths through the nose. Try not to exhale when you do it. Inhale again and stretch your arms to shoulder height in front of your body. While inhaling the next time, expand your arms and on inhaling, finally bring your arms overhead. On exhalation, bring your arms back to the starting position and repeat this exercise at least ten times.

Stretch Your Ribs

Inhale air and fill your lungs completely. Hold your breath for 20 seconds. Keep counting and place your hands on your hips. The thumbs should be directed towards the front and fingers placed at the back. Relax and exhale slowly. Repeat this exercise at least three times.

Breathe From Your Core

Lie down on your back on a flat surface. Keep one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Inhale slowly and suck the air, so that you feel your stomach is pulling. Exhale through your mouth and then suck the air again through your nose and hold it for seven seconds. Exhale again, constricting your abdominal muscles, making sure all the air is puffed out.

Figurative Breathing

Relax, shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your lungs exhale all the air and visualize the number ‘1’ in your mind as you inhale air. Hold the air for one second and then exhale. Then visualize ’2’ and inhale slowly. Keep on holding the air for two seconds and exhale. Repeat this exercise with ‘2’ as well. Repeat this exercise at least 8 times.

These exercises are the best ways to improve lung capacity and increase endurance during physically demanding exercises and sports.