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Top Ways to Increase Your Endurance

How to Increase Your EnduranceEndurance is an important thing when you are trying to get in a good workout. You want to increase your endurance in order to last longer at the gym, go faster, and to just get in a better workout. When you first start out with a new workout program, it is likely that your endurance will be pretty low. But over time you become stronger and the endurance levels will keep going up. Here are some of the best ways that you can increase your endurance in no time to get a better workout.

Combine the days
Many people make the mistake of doing cardio on one day and strength training on the other. But if you are able to add both of them together on the same day, you will be able to increase endurance. You are doing twice the workout, which will increase how long you are able to keep going. Plus, you are adding in more time with each workout during the week which will make endurance more likely.

Reduce the rest
Most men will take about 30 to 90 seconds to recover after a set. But if you are trying to increase your endurance, you need to cut into that break time. Basically, if you are able to go without a break, do not take one. When you need to take a break, do a short one and then get right back to work.

Faster pace
When it comes to weight lifting, you need to do things that are high intensity and at a faster pace. This is a great because it really works out the muscles and gets them burning faster than just doing it at a slow pace. This can also make the muscles stronger in the long run.

Do the compound movements
The more muscles you can work out in a short amount of time, the more endurance you will build up. Never work on just one muscle at a time. Bring in all of the muscle groups that you can and the endurance will build up in no time.

Keep away from routine
You do not want to build up a routine. This is going to halt your endurance overall and is going to stop the weight loss process. Keep mixing up your workouts as much as possible all week and make changes if you feel you have stalled in order to get amazing results.