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The Best Apps for Keeping Track of What You Eat

Apps for keeping Track of What You EatCount yourself among the millions of modern people who are actively dieting at any given moment. Between an often hectic lifestyle and the prevalence of unhealthy food choices, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to stay fit. Keeping track of what you eat is essential to maintaining proper health and fitness, but most of the time, doing so becomes just another chore on your to-do list. Well, thanks to these three excellent apps (that can be easily downloaded to your smart device), all of that is merely a problem of the past.

1. The Diet Assistant

This awesome app, with an average four-star rating, is available on both Android and iPhone devices. It not only helps you in keeping track of what you eat but it also helps you to design a meal plan that is right on track with your ideal weight. You can specify the Diet Assistant to your individual diet plan, too, whether that be vegetarian, paleo, vegan, or otherwise. When you find the right foods, you can then make an easy-to-read shopping list and create meals that you perfectly suited for your weight loss plans.

2. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

If you want a great app for keeping track of what you eat, then you won’t want to overlook this one from MyFitnessPal. This calorie-counting, diet-tracking app allows people to use diet and exercise techniques as a basis for success. With an incredible food database, you can track what you eat, monitor the fats and carbs within your meals, and see how much cholesterol you are consuming as well. On top of that, upon downloading this app to your Android of iPhone device, you will immediately gain access to over 350 strength-training and cardio workouts, too.

3. Diet Point

This app boasts the ability to help you lose 10 of those stubborn pounds of weight in only 10 short days. Diet Point, rated as the number one diet-planning app available, is making it fun and easy for you to go about keeping track of what you eat by offering different healthy diet plans to replace your current problematic habits. With detailed grocery-shopping lists and an exceptionally clear and concise database, the Diet Point app for Androids and iPhones is popular for good reason.
*Note: All of these apps are free to download, too!