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How to Like Healthy Food

How to Like Healthy Food

If you feel that you just don’t like healthy food, what can you do to achieve better weight management while keeping up proper nutrition at the same time? Are you stuck? Do you either have to choke down meals you hate or give up altogether? Not at all!

Yes, You Can Like Healthy Food

Even if you feel you have yet to like healthy food at all – not even one – it is still possible for you. Your situation might not be what you think it is.  It could be that you simply need to rethink your definition of what nutritious ingredients actually are. You can then start tinkering with some great new recipes to add to your regular menu at home.

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Nutrition Can be Tasty, Satisfying and Easy to Make

Just because you’re giving up some calories and some junk food, it doesn’t mean that you can’t absolutely love every bite of what you’re eating in an average day. If you don’t yet like healthy food, it just means that you haven’t enjoyed what you have tried so far.  There are thousands upon thousands of ingredients out there that are highly nutritious. What’s more, there are lots of ways to prepare each one. 

It’s not tough to be unenthusiastic about steamed plain broccoli.  Even among those of us who like it, nobody says “I have steamed broccoli waiting for me at home tonight, I can’t wait!” It’s just not how that works. However, even that one vegetable is extremely versatile, with dozens of easy ways to prepare it. Each one comes with a whole new flavor and texture profile.

How to Like Healthy Food for the First Time

To start, make sure that as you aim to like healthy food, you’re looking at the right target. It’s not just vegetables that are good for you. Fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and certain fats can also be added to that nutritious pantry. Moreover, you might even discover that some of your favorite ingredients, when unprocessed and prepared at home, suddenly become a lot better for you.

Use the following tips to help you to like healthy food for the first time, even if you think you’ve had it before and didn’t enjoy it!

  • Try a new vegetable or fruit every week. Just one. Not sure where to start? Go to your local farmer’s market. Find something that looks interesting and ask the person selling it how to prepare it in an easy way. You will get an enthusiastic answer that is shockingly delicious. Nobody knows food better than the people who grow it themselves! You might not like everything, but you will definitely discover new healthy foods to like or even love.
  • Swap refined grains with whole grains. Pasta, cereal, bread, even rice all have whole grain alternatives that are delicious. Gone are the days of gritty noodles and crumbly bread. The recipes behind these products have improved and they offer a very simple way to keep your favorite meals on the table while amping up their nutrient contents.
  • Choose fats wisely – Fats are not the enemy! They add flavor and nutrition and help you to better absorb nutrients from other foods. Use olive oils, avocado oil, nut oils, nut butter and nuts in modest amounts for great taste and nutrition too.