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The Most Effective Lower Ab Workouts

Effective Lower Ab Workouts

Getting your belly into great shape can be an easy task if you know what you are doing. Sometimes people have a little trouble with that lower ab area, though, and as a result they need to know about the most effective lower ab workouts.

Exercises to Bring to Your Lower Ab Workouts

Simply doing crunches will not cut it anymore (not that it ever did!). If you want perfectly chiseled abdominal muscles, try some of these exercises to add to your lower ab workouts.

Static Press at Ninety Degrees

To begin this effective lower ab workout, you are going to want to lie down, face-up, with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Flex your feet. Next, you will want to stretch your arms out, pressing both hands down on the top of your thighs at the furthest point. Inhale and then flex your ab muscles, pushing your back against the floor while keeping your legs still. Hold each rep for about one second before releasing. If you can, do three sets of ten.

Side-Leg Stretch with Resistance

Again, you will want to lie down flat on your back to do this lower ab workout. Bend both your knees up to your chest and interlock your fingers on one of your thighs. Extend the other leg so that it is parallel to the floor while lifting your head and shoulders off the ground. Curl your body over your ribcage until you can see your extended leg and then alternate the process. Try to do at least three sets of ten if at all possible, resting for only 10 to 15 seconds between reps.

The Lift and Switch: Cross Style

By doing this lower ab workout, you will be doing a two-for-one exercise, which literally doubles your results. Lie down on your back one more time with your arms beside you. Point both of your legs up to the ceiling with one crossed over the other and your toes pointed. Lower your legs about 45 degrees and hold them there. Then bring your legs back against your body and lift yourself up and back as though you were trying to touch the corners of the room. Hold each move for about one second before resting and moving on. Do this for three sets of ten at least three times per week for a great outcome.

Keep Your Lower Ab Workouts Fresh

Do not be afraid to mix things up when it comes to your lower ab workout. Being active and having a healthy diet are keys to your success as well. Talk to your doctor for more information. If you find that you’re not entirely sure about how many reps you should be doing, how intense the exercises should be, or whether there are some alternative movements you can do to make them more appropriate to your fitness level, a personal trainer may be an excellent resource for you.

While you’re completing lower ab workouts, always keep in mind that the goal isn’t to do as much as possible.  The goal is to complete each move with perfect form as many times as you can.  This may not be too many times, particularly at first, but it will bring you the most results.  Your focus has to be on accurate form to prevent injury and to gain the most benefits. Remember that injuries only hold you back and failing to do a move properly means that you’re not getting from it what it is intended to provide.

As a final note, remember that your lower ab workouts are meant to tone and strengthen the muscles in the area. While they may burn fat, this will happen throughout your body. No matter what you read on social media, targeted fat burning through exercise does not exist. Therefore, make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself as you keep up your exercises.