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3 Science-Backed Natural Belly Fat Burning Techniques

Science-Backed Natural Belly Fat Burning Trying to find a natural belly fat burning method that actually works can feel like an impossible effort. There are times when it doesn’t seem to matter what we do, the extra weight around our middles doesn’t come off. This can even be the case when weight seems to be melting away from every other part of our bodies!

What is the secret to finding some natural belly fat burning techniques that work? Science can help! The following are some of the best methods research has found for battling the bulge. Combine them and you’ll give yourself an even bigger advantage!

Natural Belly Fat Burning Technique #1: Move!

Aerobic exercise is one of the top natural belly fat burning methods. When you do cardio on a regular basis, you’ll burn the most fat on your body. This can include pretty much anything that raises your heart rate including biking, swimming and running. If you really want to blast that fat, do those workouts in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) format.

While resistance and strength training remains important (and should not be skipped), research from Duke University showed that cardio workouts burn 67 percent more calories.

Natural Belly Fat Burning Technique #2: Macronutrients

It’s time to start understanding your foods and tracking what you eat. Why? Because the odds are that your macronutrients are out of balance. No, this doesn’t mean you need to cut all carbs out of your diet. However, it does mean that you need to start making sure that you’re eating a nutritious balance of healthy fats to good carbohydrates and lean proteins.

When many people try to cut calories, they often sacrifice proteins. Yes, it’s great that you’re snacking on veggies with dip, but you’re only getting carbs and fats from that choice. Pay attention to your proteins and keep them in balance with everything else.

Natural Belly Fat Burning Technique #3: Yoga

If you haven’t been doing yoga regularly – or if you’ve never tried it before – it’s time to start. It’s not just a matter of flexibility or new age weirdness. Research shows that yoga is helpful to a wealth of physical and mental processes.

As a result, people who do yoga more regularly have a reduced risk of depression and anxiety symptoms. Moreover, they also tend to have better weight management, lower stress (and therefore less cortisol which is a contributor to weight gain) and improved overall wellness. Consider checking out a beginner class or video to get this natural belly fat burning method started on the right foot!