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Best Caffeinated Beverages for Dieters

Best Caffeinated Beverages for Dieters

You might think that if you are trying to lose weight that there are no good caffeinated beverages for dieters, but that’s simply not true. In fact, in some cases, that’s the opposite of the truth as there are some drinks containing caffeine that may actually benefit your weight loss according to some recent research


How to Quit Drinking Diet Soda

how to quit drinking diet soda

When we want to lose weight, the idea of trying to quit drinking diet soda seems to be somewhat counter intuitive.  After all, if we want to drop the pounds but still drink something with flavor, a zero-cal fizzy drink sounds like a great option, right? What could be the harm in that choice?


The 30 Day Squat Challenge: Does It Work?

30 Day Squat Challenge results

For the last few years, the 30 day squat challenge has been hopping in and out of popularity.  It seems that this is among those challenges that is a lot of fun to try but that needs to fade from the public eye for a while before it takes off once more.

Still, it is fascinating to watch it come around again.  For many of us, it makes us curious as to whether we should give it a try for the first time, or if we should try it again after having successfully – or unsuccessfully – attempted it in the past.

FenFast 375 Support for Your Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss Dieting Results

faster weight loss dieting supportIn the quest to change your body it seems that you’re probably always after faster weight loss results. It’s only natural that though it may have taken a while to gain the weight, we want to take it off as quickly as possible.

The answer may lie in trying to naturally and effectively boost the metabolism. This is a great way to change the way that you process food, and therefore may contribute to losing weight a lot faster than before. The right diet pill can really help to expedite this process and that’s why so many people are turning to FenFast 375. With so many options out there, this is one that you can count on for the long haul.

What does FENFAST 375 Do?

What’s so great about FenFast 375 is that it works with the efforts you’re already making to drop the pounds.  The clinically researched ingredients provide you with added support so you can overcome the challenges to those efforts.  Therefore, if you’re already following a healthy and calorie restricted diet and have been boosting your exercise, for example, you’re already most of the way there.

With FENFAST 375, you’ll enjoy benefits that will make your efforts for faster weight loss easier to keep up.  Among these benefits are:

Each of these benefits provides its own unique advantage.

Advantages of FENFAST 375 When You’re on a Faster Weight Loss Diet

Naturally, no pill can do the work for you.  If that’s the claim, head for the hills because false promises are being made.  Instead, FENFAST 375 gives you the advantages you need to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.  When it’s easier to keep up these efforts, you can solidify the habits as a part of your regular everyday life.

By the time they’re worked into your routine, you’ll find that your efforts for faster weight loss happen organically.  You won’t fall victim to regular bouts of fatigue.  You won’t lose focus.  You won’t let your metabolism droop.  Instead, you’ll keep things up so you can give your best fat burning workout performance.  You’ll also stay alert and be able to make the best food choices for your weight management strategy.  You’ll support your healthy metabolism to keep your body burning calories efficiently.

Build Your Strategy for Results

So, when it comes to faster weight loss results it’s all about creating a strategy that will effectively and efficiently work with your lifestyle over the long term.  Build the right habits but get the support you need from FENFAST 375 to do so in a realistic way. Soon, you’ll find yourself sticking to your plan and sailing through it as never before.

Low Fat Dinner Ideas for Busy Dieters

low fat dinner ideas for weight loss

Do you often feel that you can’t come up with creative low fat dinner ideas? This is a common theme especially for somebody that is dieting and has very little time to cook. The key to losing weight however is to prepare healthy and delicious meals that will help you to feel satisfied.

You need to try to find healthier alternatives of some of your favorite dishes. You need to be on the lookout for the best recipes to keep you going strong. You also need to take the time to shop for and prepare your meals so that there’s very little effort to expand each day. If you can get in touch with these tips then you can have a great dinner on the table that’s actually good for you. (more…)

8 Snacks That Increase Metabolism Quickly

increase metabolism with these snacks

You are busy, with work, family, friends, school, and other additional responsibilities. With so many things to do, it really is so easy to just stop and grab something on the way. Many fast food places offer salads and lower calorie alternatives, so why not right? Ask yourself if your selections increase metabolism or if you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Actually, it’s so wrong. Many “healthy” alternatives offered by fast food places are either the same or worse than other full fatty things on the menu. Many of these alternatives contain chemicals and additives that will slow your metabolism not to mention harm your health. If you are on the go, your best and healthiest bet is to pack your own snack. It can take very little time and is far healthier than anything you can ‘grab on the way’.


Top Workout Songs of All Time

top workout songs of all time

Getting motivated to workout can be a challenge. Staying motivated is a whole other challenge. What if there was a full proof way to do both? There is, it is in the music!

How many times have you turned on your favorite song and had the urge to get up and dance. That part is simple, the hard part is coming up with some blood pumping songs. That’s where a top workout songs list could come in handy.

When you think of what to download you might draw a blank. Here is a list that comes from the favorites of many genres and generations.

Here is the Top Workout Songs of All Time

  1. Another one bites the dust BY: Queen
    9. Lose Yourself BY: Eminem
    8. Right Now BY: Korn
    7. Gonna Fly Now BY: Bill Conti/The Rock Orchestra
    6. Smells Like Teen Spirit BY: Nirvana
    5. Hit ‘Em Up BY: 2Pac
    4. Back in Black BY: Guns N’ Roses
    3. Pump it BY: Black Eyed Peas
    2. Stronger BY: Kanye West
    1. Rebel Yell BY: Billy Idol

It Doesn’t Stop There

Didn’t see some of your favorites?  Here are some of the top workout songs of all time that nearly made it to our top 10 list:

  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
  • Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
  • Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  • So What? – P!NK
  • Wings – Little Mix
  • This is Me – Greatest Showman Soundtrack
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Kick Ass – Mika vs. RedOne
  • Daft Punk Medley – PTX

The Difference Music Makes

Why is music so motivating and helpful during workouts?

Music works as a distraction from the pain and exhaustion from a hard workout. When you listen to music while working out, you will find yourself running faster, pumping more, and pushing yourself further than you thought you could. Some researchers found music to be a “type of legal performance enhancing drug”. Music also works as a mood enhancer, helping to lift peoples spirits.

When it comes to working out, it can be hard to get motivated. Better yet, it can be hard to stay motivated. However, music can be your motivation, performance enhancing, and mood boosting supplement. Music can be all the difference in the world to how long and how hard you push yourself.

The ten top workout songs of all time will really help you stay on track with your workout routine. A few of the top workout songs come from the best fight scenes in some really motivating movies. The top workout songs of all time are some classic historical songs of all time, and will always be remembered.

Research Shows Fast Songs are Better!

A recent study from the University of British Columbia (UBC) showed that upbeat, fast music is some of the most motivational and enjoyable for a workout.  That’s right, if you’ve already been listening to fast-paced playlists during your gym sessions, your top workout songs are right in line with what science says is best for your progress!

While the top workout songs won’t be the only factor to decide if you’ll have a great workout session, they can sure help.  They will help you to naturally keep up a faster pace.  Moreover, you’ll also feel time passing more quickly when you’re listening to upbeat songs you truly enjoy.

Certainly, if you’re doing a yoga workout, the upbeat songs may not match what you’re doing.  However, if you’re trying to push through your cardio or power up your strength training, faster songs you love are among your best tools.

The researchers compared the results of HIIT workouts of volunteers who listened to motivational and upbeat music, those who didn’t listen to any audio at all, and those who listened to a podcast with talking, not music. They recorded many different metrics and after they crunched the data, they found that the volunteers who listened to the upbeat music were the ones who found their workouts the most enjoyable.

Interestingly, the volunteers listening to the music also achieved higher heart rates and showed more power in their workouts than those in the other two groups. Therefore, you might consider the top workout songs on your playlist to be just as important as using the best equipment and the right moves!

Coffee for Weight Loss: Is Your Favorite Morning Beverage Helping Your Diet?

Coffee for Weight Loss Thermogenesis

Using coffee for weight loss has become a hot topic once again.  This is a subject that isn’t really anything new.  It has made its way into the headlines off and on for decades.  However, this time there has been a substantial difference to the justification for talking about it once again.  This time, there has been a considerable study to support the claims.


How the FenFast 375 Formula Works

fenfast 375 formula factsDo you know how the FENFAST 375 formula provides weight management support? If you are dieting and exercising and it seems like it just isn’t enough, you may have looked into diet pills. There are a few prescription diet pills such as Phentermine and Adipex that give great results pretty quickly. However, those medications are safe and appropriate for only certain specific people undergoing obesity treatment. Overweight dieters will not receive a prescription for those drugs and must therefore find an alternative.


Common Unhealthy Dieting Mistakes

Common Unhealthy Dieting Mistakes

Many people struggle with their weight, and with all the products and diets on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Not to mention that every person is going to react differently to different diets, supplements, and exercises.

The key to knowing the difference is balance. Losing weight is going to take equal efforts of eating right and exercise. Use these common unhealthy dieting mistakes as a guideline to know what to avoid.

Top Unhealthy Dieting Mistakes

Eating Too Little

Not eating enough, or skipping meals is probably one of the most common unhealthy dieting mistakes. Surely you have heard about putting your body into starvation mode. While that is true, also consider that a significant calorie cut or going below 1200 calories will “appear” to work at first, but after a short time your metabolic rate will drop.

Then, you will be right back where you started from, except more hungry. Once this happens, it is going to take almost double the workout to burn off what you used to be able to burn off before by doing nothing. 1200 calories is considered a very low calorie diet.

Be Wary of Marketing Claims

Beware of things that say fat free, sugar free, or low fat. These “free” items are chemically infused, ample sugar amounts, and refined carbs. This is a sure fire way to fill open and expand fat cells, so the next time you do have any fat, ANY, being the key word, the fat will have a nice big home. Not to mention, all the chemicals that lead to other diseases and illness.

Skip the Fad Diets

Fad diets and going overboard does more harm than good in most cases. Avoid going to extremes such as cutting out dairy, carbohydrates, or fat. When you cut a certain nutrient out of your diet (carbohydrates/fats) your body loses the proper enzymes to break it down. In other words your body will lose the ability to break it down and process it, therefore, your body will most likely not be converting this stuff to energy and maybe storing most of it to fat.

Cheat Meals

Lastly, one of the biggest common unhealthy dieting mistakes is cheat meals. Cheat meals can be beneficial if they are eaten in moderate amounts. However, people generally let cheat meals, become cheat days, that become cheat weekends. Then you are basically undoing all the good things you did throughout the week. If that is not bad enough, most dieters tend to feel extremely guilty afterwards and stress about it. They then counter their mistakes over the weekend by counting every single morsel, also unhealthy.

Exercising to Justify Food

Do you let yourself have that fast food burger or your favorite dessert because you “earned it” with a great workout? If you do, you could be placing yourself at risk of weight gain instead of helping to promote your weight loss. This is by far one of the biggest unhealthy diet mistakes. Many people assume that they’re burning far more calories than they actually are.

It doesn’t help that many fitness trackers greatly overestimate the number of calories burned, as do many gym machines. Using those devices as guidance can make you feel as though you have room to consume a far larger treat than you actually can.  Be sure to know just how many calories you’re likely to have burned before you make your food choices.  Also make sure to remember that it is very unlikely that you will have burned enough calories from a workout to justify a fast food meal, particularly if your goal is to lose weight and not just maintain it.

The Takeaway

To avoid these and other common unhealthy dieting mistakes, the key is to balance. Keeping unhealthy foods in moderation, keeping away from fat free, low fat, and sugar free. Be sure you are eating enough of the right foods and not drastically cutting calories. Also, stay away from drastic fad diets, and stop going overboard by counting any one nutrient out of your diet. It is also helpful to listen to your body and know when you are hungry and when you are full, it’s best to eat slowly to determine this.