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How Your Hormones Affect Your Weight Loss Goals

Hormones Affect Your Weight GoalsYou wouldn’t think that hormones affect your weight loss, but they are very instrumental in how you lose weight. Here we will discuss how stress and hormones affect your weight loss because one will trigger the other easily.


How to Find a Diet Plan That’s Right for You

Find a Diet Plan Right for YouIt’s relatively easy to find a diet plan that’s right for you over the short term.  That said, if you’re looking for something that will benefit you for more than a week or two, the rules start to change.  Fortunately, there are ways to do it so that the strategy you choose it is something you can stick to.

After all, your goal isn’t just to reach a target weight.  That’s definitely a great place to start, but it goes beyond that.  Once those pounds are gone, you never want to see them again!  The last thing you want is to find yourself right back here where you started in a year or two. Here we will discuss not only how to find a diet plan that will suit your goals but also how you can make it all last long-term.

First Steps to Find a Diet Plan

When you find a diet plan, you probably get into a short-term mindset and look at it as something to be endured until you are done with the chore–then back to the former habits until you diet again. This is not a good habit to develop. This can actually cause you to be a serial dieter, which is not good for weight loss or health.

So, what does one do? Instead of focusing exclusively on that goal, it’s time to learn a new mindset that is conducive to losing weight the healthy way and keeping it off! Give yourself the chance to develop an important perspective change.  You’re not just dieting to lose weight.  You’re trying to find a diet plan that will give you the healthy body and mind you want to maintain for the rest of your life.  You want to build habits, so you won’t feel like you’re always following rules. These habits will turn what is initially rules into just your regular way of living.

Your Relationship with Food

Before you find a diet plan, let’s consider what our mindset is about food. Food is part of the Western lifestyle in such a way that portion control is only considered when dieting. In the East, many people also traditionally recognize a social aspect to food; but they eat it in very small portions, and it is very simple.

In the Western world, people tend to go big and sloppy: America has the largest portions in the world and even boasts about it to get butts in seats at eating establishments. Think about it.  When you sit down to a meal, do you expect to eat the right amount for your nutrition and basic satisfaction, or do you want to be full? For most people in the U.S., the answer is clear. We want to get filled up by every single meal. We stop eating when we can’t eat another bite.

Find a Diet Plan that Builds Better Eating Expectations

So, the mindset should be this: I eat to live rather than live to eat. Does that mean you have to give up family gatherings and social eating? No.  Does it mean you can only eat nutrient-dense ingredients? Nope.  Have you had your last flavorful meal? No, of course not; but when you get your body used to smaller portions, you can eat that way instead. You can teach yourself and your body to be satisfied by less.  It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  You don’t need to overeat to be comfortable and avoid feelings of hunger.

How Long Does It Take to Teach Your Body?

After about three weeks of practicing this new way of eating, you will naturally start to want to eat smaller portions. In fact, your stomach won’t be able to handle anything more. This is a good thing. Once you are used to the portion control, it’s easier, and it’s oftentimes cheaper to get groceries for your new lifestyle.

If you’re currently eating an extremely large amount of food, then a gradual process will likely work best for you.  Find a diet plan that will allow you to set monthly goals so you can scale back some of your portion sizes over time instead of all at once. This will make it easier for you to adapt and keep your motivation high.

So, how do you find a diet plan that’s right for you? This is a simple task, actually. In order to choose a plan that will take you into a permanent change, you need to choose it as you would a workout program. If a plan is something that includes things you can do long-term, then you have it made. Consider, for instance, that there are a lot of workout programs out there–but if you aren’t a morning person, then why would you choose a workout that starts with a run at 5 a.m.?

These Foods for Bedtime Weight Loss Nutrition Helps You Burn Fat

Bedtime Weight Loss Nutrition

The right weight loss nutrition at bedtime can help you to set your body up to burn the most fat overnight.  That said, this isn’t just a matter of eating just anything at all.  You must eat the right nutrient-dense snacks to give the metabolism the right kickstart.

Can You Really Focus on Weight Loss Nutrition at Bedtime?

Many people are surprised to know that the right kind of snack at bedtime can contribute to their weight loss nutrition.  For a long time, there was a trend indicating that eating before bed is one of the worst things that you can do for your weight. After all, if you consume something and then lie down for eight hours, it means you’re not giving your body any chance to burn off those calories, right?

As it turns out, that’s not right at all.  It’s simply not now weight loss nutrition works.  In fact, by eating the right foods as a bedtime snack, you can enhance what you’re doing during the daytime.  Naturally, simply snacking properly at bedtime isn’t enough to make all the difference for your weight management.  Your complete nutrition is what matters.  That said, the way you eat at bedtime can help to improve the direction your body is taking.

Check Out These 5 Healthy Snacks for Bedtime Weight Loss Nutrition

If you find yourself feeling hungry at bedtime, allow a great snack to work with your weight loss nutrition.  Going to bed hungry can be harmful to your sleep.  Since sleep is a vital component to dieting effectively, it’s best to do what you can to enjoy a restful night.  Even better, make sure that snack gets your body’s fat burning all revved up. Here are a few great snack ideas to get started.

  1. A Banana – Eat this fantastic, filling, nutrient-packed fruit on its own or mash it with cinnamon for a delicious bedtime snack.
  2. Cucumber or celery sticks with hummus – Cucumber and celery are great weight loss foods, high in water and fiber, but very low in calories. Topped with hummus, they’re also very filling.
  3. Cottage cheese with fruit – A little bowl of this high-protein dairy treat can help you to feel content and calm before you head to sleep.
  4. Yogurt with fruit – If cottage cheese isn’t your cup of camomile tea, try yogurt as an alternative. The trick is to buy plain, unsweetened yogurt and top it with your favorite fruit instead of buying the flavored variety, which is high in sugar.
  5. Nut butter toast – This nostalgic, delicious food is the perfect way to calmly end a day and get your body’s metabolism humming before you head off to dreamland at night.

The Link Between Water n Weight Loss and Why You Should Care

Link Between Water n Weight Loss

What’s the deal with water n weight loss?  It might surprise you to know that there is a powerful connection between those two factors. Making sure you’re properly hydrated may help you to see considerable results within a matter of days. It can also help you to burn fat more efficiently than you would if you allowed yourself to remain even slightly dehydrated.

What is the Connection Between Water n Weight Loss?

You’ve probably already heard on many occasions that drinking water can help you with your weight loss.  That said, if you’re like most people, you don’t realize exactly how much or why it is that water can make such a difference.  Making sure you’re ideally hydrated can have many beneficial effects.  These can include:

  • Supporting or even improving your metabolic rate
  • Promoting regularity so you don’t end up bloated from infrequent bowel movements
  • Suppressing the appetite so you’re less inclined to overeat

Of course, those are all things that can help you to get more out of your healthy lifestyle changes in the name of fat loss.  One more thing that water can do for your weight loss is that it can help you to overcome and prevent fluid retention.  This means that by drinking water, you’ll stop your body from trying to hard to hold onto it. 

Overcoming Fluid Retention Through Proper Hydration

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, your size may be suffering as a result.  This can make it look as though your weight loss efforts aren’t as effective as they truly are.  One of the benefits that people enjoy the most as they enter into a dieting and exercise program is the rapid drop in size and even a few pounds.

While drinking water for weight loss may not show up immediately on the scales in terms of burned fat, you still might drop the pounds pretty quickly at first.  The reason is that when you’re properly hydrated, your tissues will release some of the retained fluids.  This can cause you to drop one, two, even five pounds of water weight within a matter of days.  It may not be fat loss, but it’s often a welcome reduction, nonetheless. 

The key is to focus on keeping up your water levels by drinking this liquid or eating lots of foods that contain it.  That way, your body’s tissues won’t be as likely to start retaining again.  This is even more effective when you keep your sodium levels under control as well.

Unique Ab Exercises that Work Better than Crunches

Unique Ab Exercises

There is a lot of hype out there about unique ab exercises and whether or not they really work. There are some people who seem to do two crunches and wake up with a six-pack—you know who they are, the people you want to glare death-rays at—but there are also some people who crunch their way to nirvana but do nothing more than release endorphins and push themselves to disappointment when they come down and don’t see a single dent in their belly.

This being the case, are crunches really the key to getting the abs you want? Or is there something else at play here that is turning the tables toward some people…and away from others? There could indeed be many different factors deciding who will get the most benefit from crunches.  That said, the good news is that there are actually far better unique ab exercises that you can do to get the results you want in a more efficient way.

Why Can You Crunch and Crunch and See Nada?

Here is the secret explained in simple terms. We will start with the miracle two-cruncher who you may fantasize about bodily injuring. This person has a high metabolism and low body-fat; or even if they do have some cushion, their metabolism will burn it off fast. This actually exposes the muscle they have developed underneath.

Now, the person who crunches in vain only to see no improvement in return has the opposite issue. There may be oodles of rippling muscles under there, but there is one problem–the fat is on top and the only way to get muscle to show is to expose it. The only way to expose muscle is to lose the fat that is over it and all over the body. This is why we are not seeing the results we want to see.

The Importance of Cardio in Addition to Unique Ab Exercises

Most people crunch until they see stars and never enter into either cardio or fat-burning resistance training. Therefore, its’ very important to make sure that you’re not just choosing unique ab exercises but that you’re also incorporating them into a more complete workout. Your workout should include both strength training and cardio to be sure you’re toning those muscles, but also burning away the fat layer covering them up.

Fortunately, fat burning cardio workouts can involve nothing more than jogging, brisk walking, running, cycling, or swimming.  If you love a good spin class, you’re in luck, because that’s a great one for fat burning.  Also, keep in mind that when it comes to cardio, the area you work isn’t necessary where the fat will be burned.  So, if your cardio typically works your lower body the most, your middle will still be included in the fat burn. For best results, aim to work with the largest muscle groups as they’ll burn through the most energy and, therefore, fat.

So, hate to exercise? Well then, you can do some of these unique ab exercises, which are a bit unusual and don’t get too much attention. These are simple, and you can do whatever variation is comfortable to you. These are designed to combine resistance training with crunching.

Unique Ab Exercises to Improve Your Results

1. Body Saw

Get yourself a pair of sliders. Twenty dollars and up is not a bad investment for great abs. Get into the plank position with toes in the sliders and pull your knees to chest then you can actually move your bottom half from side to side using just your core. That’s for your front abs as well as your obliques for the all-around look. You can find videos for these unique ab exercises on Youtube and refer to the insert of the sliders. It’s that easy.

2. Landmine

Slide a barbell into a secure corner of the room. Pick up the other end with sufficient, but not dangerous, weight attached. Move that end up and down your body slowly using only core strength. Adjust the weight accordingly.

3. Side Twist Throw

This requires a medicine ball. Stand with a wall on your left or right side, feet just a bit more than shoulder-length apart. Hold a medicine ball on the opposite hip and quickly throw it toward the wall. Catch the ball without breaking your stance and repeat.

The gist of these methods is to use core strength as resistance training. Resistance training coupled with these unique ab exercises is the way to get abs to grow and abs to show. Just don’t forget to include your cardio workouts, too, for better overall health and to keep your body fat percentage just where you want it to be for wellness…and to show off those well-toned muscles!

Dieter Reviews of FENFAST 375

reviews of fenfast 375 from dieters

Top Adipex Alternative for Overweight Dieters

Have you noticed that many dieter reviews for FENFAST 375 talk about it in the context of an alternative to Adipex? Has that made you wonder if they’re the same or at least similar? It’s important to understand that just because customers have expressed an opinion, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a fact.

They may have had a great experience with this diet pill and are using the comparison to express how much they benefited from it as a part of their weight loss strategy.  However, these two pills aren’t the same.

Why Dieter Reviews of FENFAST 375 Sometimes Say It’s an Adipex Alternative

Many dieters looking for a pill to help them out are on the search for the best Adipex alternative.  After all, that prescription drug is meant to help obesity patients, but isn’t available to overweight dieters.  They need something else. Thousands have found their answer in FENFAST 375, and the support it can provide in overcoming the challenges to a healthy weight loss effort.

What is the secret to FENFAST 375? The secret is 100% clinically researched ingredients for weight loss dieting support. It is not at all the same as the prescription drug. They’re not even meant for the same users. However, they are each beneficial in their own separate and unique ways.

What Makes the Non-Prescription Formula So Special?

Every single ingredient in FENFAST is has been researched to understand the way it can benefit people who are making healthy lifestyle changes for weight loss.  For example, it can help to support your healthy metabolic rate, enhance energy levels, and improve focus, among other advantages.

FENFAST 375 dieter reviews clearly show it is an easy favorite among the best diet pills. To start, it is very affordable. Individual bottles are fairly priced but purchasing multiples through the official website can lead to meaningful savings.  Moreover, the benefits of this diet pill can help dieters overcome the challenges that often get in the way of a healthy weight loss effort.

When taken by healthy adults following a healthy lifestyle including nutritious calorie-controlled dieting and regular exercise, and who carefully follow the package directions, there is a minimal risk of side effects. Additionally, this pill does not contain prescription addictive ingredients.  In fact, this product is not connected with chemical dependency.

FENFAST 375 Reviews

The dieter reviews of FENFAST 375 are consistently upbeat and positive. The enthusiasm over this non-prescription diet pill is what frequently brings on the comparisons as an Adipex alternative, despite the fact that it is not the case. It is merely that users are excited about the progress they are making as they change what they eat and improve their physical activity levels on a regular basis, such as with a nearly daily workout.

When their efforts bring them to reach for goals such as 5 or 10 pounds a month, they can only celebrate when they achieve their goal weight with FENFAST 375 supporting their efforts the entire time.

Dieters Love FENFAST 375 Instead of an Adipex Alternative

When dieters are looking for a quality, affordable diet pill with clinically researched ingredients that support their weight loss efforts, they can stop looking for an Adipex alternative.  All they need is FENFAST 375 and it’s more than clear through their dieter reviews that they are quite impressed. It’s no mystery why.  The energy boosting properties alone can be a game-changer.

Improve the Health of Your Joints with These Exercises

Exercises for the Health of Your Joints As you get older or as you exercise more, even if you are still young and reasonably fit, you need to be concerned with the health of your joints because people tend to overuse them. That said, it’s important to note that joints need to be used to be healthy.  Therefore, a careful balance is required to make sure that you maintain the health of your joints without overdoing it and causing them harm.

Here we will discuss the health of your joints, helping you understand what joints are used for and what can go wrong with them so that you can be better prepared to keep your joints healthy. By informing yourself about them as early as possible, you’ll be able to take on the right lifestyle changes to keep yourself healthy and in comfort for many years to come.

The Purpose of Your Joints

Your joints are what bolster your bones and hold them together. Essentially, they are what will hold your thigh to your calf, your foot to your ankle, and so forth. At the same time, they make sure that you are capable of movement.  After all, your joints aren’t just designed so that your body parts don’t fall off.  They’re connection points that allow for movement between other bones.

The joint bones have a very important job to fulfill, yet people tend to take them for granted. Joints bear the brunt of your weight, and anytime you gain weight, you place more pressure on them. When they’re working right and when the health of your joints is as it should be, it’s very easy to forget about them.  They function properly and they’re comfortable. What’s to think about?

Yet if someone asked you what you do for your joints, you might look at the person with a furrowed brow and confused expression because people tend to not acknowledge their joints until the joints begin to ache or hurt–and by then it’s too late or, at least, more difficult to address the problem reactively than proactively.  Still, while it may sound like an odd question – What do you do for the health of your joints? – it’s a valid one. It’s one that more of us should be asking ourselves.

Increased Susceptibility to Issues with the Health of Your Joints

People with certain lifestyles are more susceptible to joint pain and stiffness as well as degeneration and injury. This high-risk group includes people who are constantly using their joints in a repetitive way, particularly when it comes to positions and movements that place a great deal of pressure on the joints while using them.  This explains why it’s as commonplace in the knees of someone who stands all day every day as it is among people who engage in extreme amounts of fitness activities and sports.

However, a lot of folks don’t do anything they would consider to be extreme yet suffer from joint pain and injury. They then seem shocked when their joints act up.  Though it could indeed be a matter of hereditary issues, the odds are that there are lifestyle habits at play without the individual even realizing it.

Most people who experience such issues have issues with their lifestyle that will contribute to strain on the joints.  This could include not enough exercise, exercising using only the same identical motions every day, weight problems (as the joints must carry more weight with each movement, especially in the knees and hips).  Even wearing the wrong kind of footwear can place substantial strain on the hips, knees and ankles as well as individual toes.

Many people are also under the misimpression that you have to have a ton of weight on your body to stress your joints. That said, every little bit makes a difference. If you are carrying five pounds more than your ideal, it adds a bit of extra stress to your joints. Make that ten pounds, and you may impact the health of your joints without realizing it. After all, if you always had to carry around a 10-pound bag of potatoes, you’d expect to feel more tired than you would without it. Your joints go through the same thing.

Best Types of Exercises for the Health of Your Joints

The best types of exercise for joints are the same practices that physical therapists utilize. Such exercises are incredibly easy to practice anywhere that you are. They are called “full range of motion” exercises. While you are sitting, standing, or even walking, you can work your joints.

Free range of motion exercises are done by rotating the foot or the hand, as well as the arm or leg, at the joint. This is done clockwise and then counter clockwise as many times as is comfortable. You can also take Conjointin to supplement your joints. Maintaining the health of your joints by such means is important to your overall health, especially as you age or engage in an active lifestyle.

Most Commonly Asked Questions about FENFAST 375

FENFAST 375 QuestionsWhen you make the decision to take FENFAST 375, you really want to be sure that you know everything about it. Though you may think that you are getting the same thing with every diet pill out there, this is not the case. This particular pill offers some unique advantages and benefits, so it is important to understand what sets it apart.

As you do your research and figure out what may make this the right diet pill for you, ensure that you know the answers to the most commonly asked questions about FENFAST 375.

Answering Your Questions About FENFAST 375

These basic insights will help you to understand precisely how this product works and ensure that it is an appropriate choice for the help that you need. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What are the ingredients in FENFAST 375?

Though you may not recognize them by name, it’s worth your while to learn what they are and discover how they work. This is the case with this product and any other diet pill you may consider using.  That way, you can know with confidence whether there is clinical study to support your choice or whether a manufacturer is just hoping you’ll take them at their word that the product will work.

In the case of FENFAST 375, every ingredient in the proprietary formula has undergone clinical research.  These ingredients include: L-Phenylalanine, Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Hordenine HCL. These ingredients have all been studied for their effects and benefits they have to offer.  The official website of the manufacturer, Intechra Health Inc., provides information about each substance and cites research (with links) that you can examine to be confident in your choice of diet pill.

Is this safe for everyone to take?

When it comes to taking FENFAST 375, or any diet pill for that matter, you want to ensure that it is safe for your usage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single diet pill on the market that can honestly say that it is appropriate for absolutely everyone. To ensure that you are taking this diet pill safely, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor, first. That can make sure you know that you don’t have a medical condition that would conflict with its use.  If you have a serious illness, disease or medical condition, if you are pregnant, or if you take a prescription drug, this – and most other diet pills – are likely not right for you.

How does FENFAST 375 work to help you lose weight by supporting your diet?

What helps FENFAST 375 to work, and what sets it apart from other diet pills, is the fact that it provides you with meaningful support to help make your healthy lifestyle changes easier. If you’re struggling with your new eating strategy or feel you’re just not performing at your best to maximize your fat-burning workout results, this formula was developed to help you overcome those top challenges.  It also provides your healthy metabolism with support so you know you’re getting the most from all your weight loss efforts.

FENFAST 375 is truly a one of a kind diet pill and is an easy favorite within its industry.

Here’s Why It’s Not Cool to Make Unsolicited Comments on Someone’s Weight Loss Results

Comments on Weight Loss Results

When a friend, family member or co-worker looks to you as though they’re achieving fantastic weight loss results, you may feel inclined to comment.  After all, anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that it isn’t easy.  Doing so successfully is deserving of a compliment, right?  Not always. In fact, less than you might think.

Celebrating Weight Loss Results Sends a Message You Don’t Mean

Naturally, if your friend walks up to you and excitedly declares that she’s thrilled about reaching the ten-pound milestone of her diet, you should feel welcome to celebrate with her.  It’s not that weight loss results are a taboo subject.  The difference in this case is that your friend brought up the subject specifically and opened it up to discussion.

The situation is very different when the comments are unsolicited.  When someone hasn’t brought up the subject, but you decide to throw them some praise for their obvious weight loss results, you could be saying something you genuinely don’t mean. Consider some of the reasons this can be harmful:

  • It implies that a body with more fat is less attractive – which can be problematic if weight is ever regained or if someone else with a similar body weight overhears you.
  • It suggests that you felt that the person’s former body shape was a problem to be solved.
  • The weight loss may have been the result of physical illness or mental health struggles, not from deliberate dieting and exercising efforts.
  • If an eating disorder is present, it could encourage those damaging behaviors or trigger new ones.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with having their bodies discussed. This is a highly personal issue for many people who may not want all the attention, even if it is positive attention. This can actually lead some people to lose their motivation to keep up their weight loss results as they aren’t comfortable with the focus being on the way they look.

Comments Can Place the Focus on the Wrong Achievements

It is not uncommon for people who comment on weight loss results to overlook other important achievements because they are focused on what they see.  This is not at all intentional.  Moreover, it doesn’t mean that they feel lost weight is more important than the other achievement.  It is simply a side effect of being comfortable with such unsolicited comments.

An easy example of how this can happen is in the case of singer Adele at the end of 2019.  She closed the decade with 15 Grammys, millions of records sold around the globe and even became a mother with the birth of her son. However, the most media attention she received was at the end of 2019 when she posted holiday pictures of herself online, revealing that she had experienced substantial weight loss results.

Headlines mentioning that she appeared “skinny”, “gorgeous” and had undergone a “transformation” far outnumbered headlines that occurred following her other professional and life achievements. Based on unsolicited comments, it suggested that her appearance was far more important than her talents. It is this exact message that we may send when we comment on the weight of others.

Does Your Morning Coffee Make Weight Loss Easy?

Coffee Can Make Weight Loss Easy

If you’re looking for ways to make weight loss easy, then you might be happy to discover that your favorite morning beverage is supporting all your other efforts.  That’s right, that hot cup of coffee that gets your day started contains caffeine that helps to rev up your metabolism to such a degree that you could see a difference on your scale.

Research Shows Coffee Makes Weight Loss Easy

New research following 126 overweight men and women over 24 weeks looked into the impact of coffee on health, including whether or not it could make weight loss easy – or easier at the very least.  Initially, the purpose of the study had been to observe whether coffee drinking could help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance can lead to considerable blood sugar spikes and can therefore increase the risk of diabetes.

That said, while the researchers didn’t find the proof they had been seeking that coffee could help to protect people against diabetes, they did observe an entirely different and significant benefit. What they found was that people who drank at least 4 cups of full-caffeine coffee on a daily basis for six months experienced an overall body fat reduction of almost 4 percent.

Caffeine Promotes Body Fat Loss

The study’s author was Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Department of Nutrition postdoctoral fellow Derrick Johnston Alperet.  He highlighted the surprise of the research team in discovering that the caffeine in enough coffee could help make weight loss easy.  “We were indeed surprised by the observed weight loss that was specifically due to fat mass loss among coffee drinkers,” he said.

He also made it clear that the lost body fat was unlikely to have had anything to do with other lifestyle changes such as diet and physical activity.  Instead, he and the research team felt that the fat loss was the result of the “metabolic reaction” caused by the caffeine in coffee drinkers’ bodies.  This led the metabolic process to increase, producing a meaningful rise in fat burning, which led to a measurable reduction in body fat levels without any other specific efforts to reach that goal. As this experiment showing that caffeine can help to make it easy to lose weight was only six months long, the researchers recommend further research in order to repeat the results and better understand the benefit of this stimulant on fat burning.