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Prebiotics and Probiotics May Help Regulate Appetite

Prebiotics and Probiotics informationOver the years, it seems that most medical and nutritional studies in particular have been focusing on the gut. There was a time when no one paid much attention to this part of the body. After all, ask the average Joe on the street and he won’t have any idea of what purpose the gut serves in the body. Of course, there is the gut instinct and the gut feeling and ‘go with your gut’ chants but that doesn’t point to a specific purpose it performs. Moreover, it is a place in the body where bacteria reside and develop over time, leading to different effects on the body.

Well, a recent study has shown that prebiotics and probiotics may help you regulate your appetite. This is great news for people who have struggled to curb their cravings despite their weight increasing and suffering health problems because of it. This is because there is a point in which food becomes an addiction and it is difficult to let go. Let’s look at prebiotics and probiotics in further detail and the role they play in suppressing your appetite:


Prebiotics are referred to as the ‘nice’ bacteria as they send signals to the brain which communicate to your stomach that you are full. In other words, you can keep eating and eating and not feel full for at least 20 minutes (that’s how long it usually takes for the brain to send the satiety signal) but with prebiotics, this process is sped up. A study concluded a couple of years ago showed that people who had more prebiotics in their system did tend to eat less and were reported to experience quicker hunger and appetite suppression.


Probiotics are the more well-known of the two types of bacteria we are looking at here. Not only do these bacteria actually curb your hunger, they also have an anti-inflammatory effect and boost your immune system. Moreover, they are also known to prevent cancer. Coming back to the point, probiotics are known to enhance digestion, again ensuring the body realizes you are full quicker.

As you can see, prebiotics and probiotics play a crucial role in communicating to your body that you are full. In other words, the feeling of satiety is realized by the body quicker than it would be otherwise. Hence, over time, your appetite will be reduced and you will be able to lose weight.