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Exercises You Should Do on Rest Days

Rest Days adviceExercising is an important component to your daily life because it can do so much for your overall health as well as all the weight you would like to be. Keeping up with a good program is vital, but it is also a good idea to take rest days throughout the week. These rest days are going to allow you to take a break, allow your muscles to recover before using them again, and prevents any injuries.

Just because you are taking one of these break days does not mean that you should just sit around and do nothing. Doing this is going to get you off the track you were enjoying with weight loss, and could even make it harder for the muscles to recover and for you to stay with the groove you’ve started. Some of the exercises that you can do on your rest days in order to keep going strong include:

  • Walking—walking is a great exercise to enjoy on rest days because you can either do it more intensely or take it easy depending on the way that you feel. Walking is low intensity so it allows the muscles to stay loose and blood to flow without causing further injury to the area.
  • Stretching—no matter what kind of workout you are doing, spend a few minutes on your rest days with some stretching. This keeps the muscles working strong and prevents injuries of all kinds.
  • Light biking—this is not the time to get up and go on all of the hardest trails and really work your muscles. Save that for one of your more intense days. On these slower days, just ride the bike on an easy path that you can handle without too much exertion. Just enjoy the scenery on this day while getting a decent workout and not going too hard.
  • Swimming—swimming is a low intensity activity that can really get your heart and muscles working at a fast pace. You will be able to just do some easy workouts with the pool, try out some water aerobics, or go at a faster pace depending on the workouts you do on the other days and how intensely you would like to go at it.

Exercising is important, even if it is one of your rest days. These simple workouts allow you to get the stretching and blood flow that is needed for the muscles so that they do not tighten up too much or become more prone to injury. Try a few of them out and see how much more effective your workouts can be!