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Running Milestones You Should Target and Celebrate

running milestones to celebrateSome running milestones are obvious. When you run that first mile. When you do it within a certain amount of time. Or, even when you complete your first race. Those are the achievements you often picture in your head when you think about the reasons you can celebrate your favorite sport.

That said, there are a lot of additional running milestones you can enjoy along the way, too. Keep your mind open to them and you’ll likely discover that you are even more motivated than you were before. After all, they say it’s the little things that truly matter. The same can be said in this case, too.

You’ve Joined a Running Group

It can feel intimidating to put yourself out there and join a buddy or even a group of other runners. After all, when you go it alone, you’re only seeing yourself. When you’re with others, you’re bringing a whole new social component into the mix. Still, when you get there, it feels great! Applaud yourself when you get up the nerve to join others. You’ll quickly discover that this new part of your sport is a fun and highly motivational one!

Your Old Pace is Easy

One of the running milestones that feels the absolute best occurs when you talk through your original pace. Perhaps you’re running with someone else who hasn’t reached your level yet. Maybe you’re just out for a leisurely jog. Either way, it suddenly dawns on you that what once left you panting is no longer challenging you. In fact, you can carry on a conversation through it the whole time!

Ultimate Running Milestone: You’re Actually Doing It!

As great as all the rest of these achievements may be, there is one ultimate running milestone that can put you over the top for celebrating. That is the fact that you’re actually doing it and you’re doing it well. Suddenly, you’re doing something that feels second nature to you when it was once out of the question. You’ve taken it on, learned from it, built your technique and you’re doing it!

Make sure you take the time to celebrate this kind of running milestone. They’re a big deal and they do wonders for your motivation, let alone your self-confidence. Give yourself a pat on the back on social media. Tell your friends and family. Treat yourself to something fun in the name of your achievement. You earned it!