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Why Summer Weight Gain is so Common and How to Avoid It

We don’t tend to think of summer weight gain as something that is all that commonplace. After all, isn’t summertime a season when we’re all active outdoors and eating foods like salad while chugging gallons of water? It might surprise you to discover that this is actually the season when we’re the most likely to pack on the pounds. Yes, that’s right, even more than bulky sweater and hot chocolate season in winter.

Summer Weight Gain is More Common than Winter Pounds

According to research published in the Obesity journal in 2016, this is the case right across the board. Even young children are more likely to pack on extra pounds during the summertime than other seasons, despite the widespread belief that it’s most likely to happen during the fall and winter months.

That particularly study examined the obesity rates among over 18,000 kids who started kindergarten in 2010 and followed them through until they completed second grade in 2013.

Why Does This Happen?

Summer weight gain among all age groups is the result of a number of different trends.  There are many reasons for it to happen, but many of the most common include:

  • Sugary beverage consumption, from flavored slush to cocktails
  • BBQs with sweet sauces and creamy salad dressings
  • Higher numbers of celebrations that include feasts, from weddings to graduations
  • Higher number of vacations, when eating trends and “diet rules” tend to change
  • Reduced adherence to regular exercise routines because of the increase in events to attend

Many Summertime Habits Lead to Summer Weight Gain

When all is said and done, the types of lifestyles we lead during the hottest months of the year will often walk us straight down the path to summer weight gain. All the fun gatherings, celebrations, trips and other activities that make this season so great will also mean that we’re consuming far more food calories and sugary drinks than usual and aren’t nearly as regularly active as we imagine ourselves to be.

It’s true that the colder months come with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in comparison with the summertime, those are far more isolated events than the far more regular gatherings, celebrations, festivals, street parties and trips when it’s warm out.

Overcoming summer weight gain doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on all this great stuff. Instead, simply be aware of it.  Pay attention to just how many sugary drinks you’re consuming. You can still have some, but try to scale it back, quenching your thirst most of the time with water. The same can be said for those heavier foods. Support your efforts with the top rated weight loss pills. Go ahead and have some fun but be aware of your portions to be sure you’re not overeating as a habit on most days.