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Top Antioxidant Foods to Boost Your Immune System and Keep You Healthy

Antioxidant Foods to Strengthen the Immune System

A strong immune system is one of your keys to remaining healthy and including antioxidant foods in your diet can help support that vital function.

Your immune system is made of a number of different organs, tissues, cells, and even proteins.  Combined, they are the front line for your body’s defense against various types of pathogens.  A pathogen may be a kind of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, or other foreign invaders that can lead to disease and/or infection.

Eating Antioxidant Foods to Help Your Immune System

When your immune system detects a pathogen, an automatic response takes place.  Antibodies are released by your body and they attach to antigens located on parts of the pathogen, killing those pathogens.  As you can see, it’s vital that this process works a well as possible.  Among the things you can do to support it is to eat antioxidant foods.

Among the antioxidant foods you can eat to help support your immune system are the following:


Berries are fantastic for containing just what your body needs.  Blueberries are among the options that are particularly high as antioxidant foods for your immune system. They also contain flavonoids which help to support the respiratory system as well. That said, many of the berries you enjoy from your grocery store, including strawberries and blackberries, are also great for what they contain. 

Dark Chocolate

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to eat more chocolate, here it is.  It is one of the top antioxidant foods for your immune system.  That said, there is a catch.  It needs to be dark chocolate with a very high cocoa content.  Moreover, the high calorie and saturated fat levels mean that it’s best that you eat only a square or two per day or you’ll be working against other health goals.


Turmeric is a bright yellow spice used in many forms of cooking and alternative medicine.  Consuming it in combination with some black pepper may help to enhance your immune response due to the curcumin content in the spice.

Dark Green Veggies

Choose your favourite dark green veggies and go to town. These are powerful antioxidant foods that are fantastic for your immune system. They include everything from broccoli to kale and from spinach to swiss chard.

Enjoy Antioxidant Foods and a Healthy Immune System

A great rule of thumb for getting enough antioxidant foods to support your immune system is to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits and add a variety of colors.  Often, the vibrant colors in your fruits and veggies are an indication that there are some great nutrients present for keeping you healthy.