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How to Find the Best Weight Loss Bars

Best Weight Loss Bars

Weight loss bars are exceptionally popular and have been for quite a long time.  They’ve reached the point that they are accepted as a perfectly normal food to choose if you need to grab a quick snack or even replace a meal (or part of one) they’re often a natural choice.

Not all Weight Loss Bars are the Same

Before you decide on your next box of weight loss bars, make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your diet and the reason you’re eating them. After all, there’s a big difference between something you’d need as a meal replacement and the option you’d choose for a light snack.  There’s also a big difference between one you’d grab to satisfy your sweet tooth or one you’d need to follow a keto diet strategy.

There are breakfast and granola weight loss bars and full meal replacements. There are also options meant to be used as part of workouts and often labeled with “power” in their names. There are great nutritious options made from very few ingredients that are all natural and recognizable. There are also sugar filled options made of all sorts of processed chemicals.  Get to know the categories, make sure you understand the specific product you’re considering and know how you want to use it as a part of your diet. This will help you know you’re getting the best weight loss bars for yourself.

How to Identify a Great Product

Most weight loss bars that taste amazing are also high in sugar.  This makes many people feel that they need to decide between taste and nutrition.  The odds are that you’re going to get a certain amount of sugar from the product you choose if you’re going to like the way it tastes.  Therefore, use the following guidelines to help you to choose one of the better options from among the products on your grocery store or health food store shelves.

  • Know where the sugar comes from – Are your weight loss bars sweet because they contain an ingredient like dates, or are they full of cane sugar, corn syrup, sugar, or any of dozens of other sweetener possibilities? Look for an option that is sweet because of the whole natural ingredients it contains. Aiming for less than 35% of calories from sugar is also a good rule of thumb.
  • Make sure it contains fiber – Fiber is helpful in many ways, but when it comes to the benefits of a weight loss bar, making sure it has at least 3 grams of fiber can help to slow digestion so it will be more satisfying and keep you from suffering hunger pangs for a longer period of time.
  • Make sure it has enough protein to count – This is particularly true if you’re using your weight loss bars for meal replacement on occasion. Aim for a minimum of 5 grams of protein. This will also help you to feel more satisfied by the bar while keeping your ratio against carbohydrates more controlled.