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5 Weight Loss Tips for Men That Actually Work

Weight Loss Tips for Men That Work

The right weight loss tips for men won’t decide whether or not you reach your goal.  Your overall strategy will determine that.  However, they can help to determine how efficiently you’ll arrive where you want to be. 

What Not to Look for in Weight Loss Tips for Men

Remember that when you’re looking for weight loss tips for me, you’re searching for something to complement your long-term healthy lifestyle changes.  Therefore, anything extreme, short-term or potentially dangerous should instantly raise red flags and you should back away from them.

As a result, it’s usually best to avoid weight loss tips for men that involve cleanses, lengthy fasts, outrageous or extreme diets, or taking dangerous actions such as swallowing objects that aren’t food – such as in the cotton ball diet, which causes painful and potentially deadly bowel obstructions – or the tape worm diet which is just as it sounds – infecting yourself with a parasite on purpose. Always avoid taking this kind of step as it can not only set you back, but it can put your life in danger.

What Weight Loss Tips for Men Can You Use Instead?

Instead of the types of dangerous hacks mentioned above, have a look at the following seven weight loss tips for men that can be helpful to your strategy.

1. Wait at least ten minutes before deciding to have seconds 

If you eat everything on your plate and think you’re hungry for more, drink some water and wait ten minutes before serving yourself another portion. Giving your body the chance to signal to your brain that it’s full can make all the difference.

2. Take smaller bites

Whether you’re biting a sandwich or a steak, take smaller bites and take the time to chew them. This takes time and helps to give your body more of an opportunity to register that it’s full.

3. Brush or floss after every meal

After every meal and snack, brush your teeth and/or floss.  Not only will this make eating more of a nuisance, so you’re less likely to do it unnecessarily, but the taste of mint in your mouth will help to suppress your urge to continue eating.

4. Eat with chopsticks

Chopsticks not only limit the size of the bites you can take but they slow down your rate of eating. These make it easier for you to eat more slowly so you can avoid wolfing down more food than you need.

5. Give your kitchen “business hours”

Set boundaries in your kitchen as would be the case if it were a restaurant. This is an interesting one among weight loss tips for men, because it helps you to set times when your kitchen will be open and times when you consider it to be closed.  Once your kitchen is closed, you can’t eat again until it opens. This will help you to create a more solid routine.